This is a pure product of nuts. It is intended as a substitute for meat, which it completely replaces dietet-ically, having nearly twice the nutritive value, while it furnishes the same elements and in a form much more digestible, and wholly free from the objectionable features of meat. Nuttose may be prepared and served in the same manner as the various forms of flesh food. It so perfectly resembles meat in appearance and flavor, as well as nutritive properties, that many persons find it difficult to distinguish the difference. The following are a few recipes for the use of this new article of food:

Stewed Nuttose

Cut the nuttose into pieces not over half an inch square; cover with about equal parts boiling water, and cook in a double boiler for two hours or longer. The longer and more slowly it is stewed, the more rich is the flavor. A small onion, a sprig of parsley, or a few bits of celery may be added just long enough before the completion of the cooking to impart their flavor to the stew, if desired. Season with salt, and serve hot.

Stewed Nuttose With Tomato

Stew the nuttose as directed in the preceding recipe. When done, season with salt and a cupful of strained stewed tomato to the pint of nuttose.

Potato Stew With Nuttose

Prepare and stew the nuttose as previously directed. When nearly done, add some thinly sliced potatoes, and cook together until the potatoes are tender. There should be enough liquor in the nuttose so that additional liquid will not be needed for the potatoes. Season with salt, and serve.

Nuttose Hash

Chop cold boiled potatoes and nuttose, equal parts. Put into a saucepan just enough of the liquor obtained from stewing nuttose to moisten well the chopped foods, heat thoroughly, tossing and turning until equally hot throughout, and serve. Salt for seasoning should be added to the liquid before introducing the chopped foods. A little chopped celery may be used with the potato if preferred. The stewed nuttose should be served separately.

Nuttose With Green Vegetables

Green peas, wax beans, beet greens, shelled beans, and tomatoes are all excellent cooked with nuttose. Add the nuttose in about the proportion of two thick slices of nuttose, cut into small pieces, to one pint of shelled peas or one pound of canned peas. Cook together until the vegetables are done, and serve without other seasoning than a little salt.

Nuttose Sandwich

Slices of nuttose placed between thinly sliced white or graham bread, biscuit, or wafers, spread with nut butter, makes a most excellent sandwich.

Nuttose With Lettuce

Thinly slice the nuttose, and cut or chop into small pieces. Arrange the lettuce in a salad bowl, the larger leaves around the edge, the light ones in the center. Fill the center and interstices between the leaves with the prepared nuttose, cover with any preferred dressing, and serve.