Lima Bean Soup

Simmer a pint of Lima beans gently in just sufficient water to cook and not burn, until they have fallen to pieces. Add more boiling water as needed. When done, rub the beans through a colander. Add rich milk or water to make of a proper consistency, and salt to season; reheat and serve. White beans may be used in place of Lima beans, but they require more prolonged cooking. A heaping tablespoonful of pearled tapioca or sago previously soaked in cold water may be added to the soup when it is reheated, if liked, and the whole cooked until the sago is transparent.

Plain Rice Soup

Wash and pick over six tablespoonfuls of rice, put it in an earthen dish with a quart of water, and place in a moderate oven. When the water is all absorbed, add a quart of rich milk, and salt if desired; turn into a granite kettle and boil ten minutes, or till the rice is done. Add a half cup of sweet cream, and serve. A slice of onion or a stalk of celery may be boiled with the soup after putting into the kettle, and removed before serving, if desired only to flavor.

Potato And Rice Soup

Cook a quart of sliced potatoes in as little water as possible. When done, rub through a colander. Add salt, a quart of rich milk, and reheat. If desired, season with a slice of onion, a stalk of celery, or a little parsley. Just before serving, add a half cup of cream and a cup and a half of well-cooked rice with unbroken grains. Stir gently, and serve at once.

Potato Soup

For each quart of soup required, cook a pint of sliced potatoes in sufficient water to cover them. When tender, rub through a colander. Return to the fire, and add enough rich milk, or part cream, to make a quart in all, and a little salt. Let the soup come to a boil, and add a teaspoonful of flour or corn-starch rubbed to a paste with a little water; boil a few minutes, and serve. A cup and a half of cold mashed potato or a pint of sliced baked potato may be used instead of fresh material; in which case add the milk and heat before rubbing through the colander. A slice of onion or a stalk of celery may be simmered in the soup for a few minutes to flavor it, and then removed. A good mixed potato soup is made by using one-third sweet and two-thirds Irish potatoes, in the same manner as above.

Pea And Tomato Soup

Soak one pint of Scotch peas overnight. When ready to cook, put into a quart of boiling water and simmer slowly until quite dry and well disintegrated. Rub through a colander to remove the skins. Add a pint of hot water, one cup of mashed potato, two cups of strained stewed tomato, and one cup of twelve-hour cream. Turn into a double boiler and cook together for a half hour or longer; turn a second time through a colander or soup strainer, and serve. The proportions given are quite sufficient for two quarts of soup. There may need to be some variation in the quantity of tomato to be used, depending upon its thickness. If very thin, a larger quantity and less water will be needed. The soup should be a rich reddish brown in color when done. The peas may be cooked without being first soaked, if preferred.