Scalloped Tomatoes

Take a pint of stewed tomatoes, which have been rubbed through a colander, thicken with one and one-fourth cups of lightly picked crumbs of graham or whole-wheat bread, or a sufficient quantity to make it quite thick; add salt if desired, and a half cup of sweet cream; mix well, and bake for twenty minutes. Or, fill a pudding-dish with alternate layers of peeled and sliced tomatoes and bread crumbs, letting the topmost layer be of tomatoes. Cover, and bake in a moderate oven for an hour or longer, according to depth. Uncover, and brown for ten or fifteen minutes.

Stewed Corn And Tomatoes

Boil dried or fresh corn until perfectly tender, add to each cup of corn two cups of stewed, strained tomatoes, either canned or freshly cooked. Salt to taste, boil together for five or ten minutes, and serve plain or with a little cream added.

Tomato Gravy

Heat to boiling one pint of strained stewed tomatoes, either canned or fresh, and thicken with a tablespoon-ful of flour rubbed smooth in a little water; add salt, and when thickened, if desired, a half cup of hot cream. Boil together for a minute or two, and serve at once.

Tomato Salad

Select perfectly ripe tomatoes, and peel at least an hour before using. Slice, and place on ice or in a cool place. Serve plain or with lemon juice or sugar, as preferred.

Stewed Tomatoes

Peel and slice the tomatoes. Put them into a double boiler, without the addition of water, and stew for an hour or longer. When done, serve plain with a little sugar added, or season with salt and a tablespoonful of rather thick sweet cream to each pint of tomatoes. If the tomatoes are thin and very juicy, they may be thickened with a teaspoonful of flour rubbed smooth in a little cold water. They are much better, however, to stew until the water they contain is sufficiently evaporated to make them of the desired consistency. The stew may also be thickened by the addition of bread crumbs, rice, or macaroni.

Tomato With Okra

Wash the okra, cut off the stem and nibs, and slice thin. For a quart of sliced okra, peel and slice three large tomatoes. Stew the tomatoes for half an hour, then add the okra, and simmer together for half an hour longer. Season with salt and a little cream.