Any one who has ever made a visit to Carlsbad will remember the delicious zwieback which occupies so conspicuous a place in the bill of fare. Persons suffering from acid dyspepsia, constipation, and other disturbances of digestion, often experience great relief on visiting this famous watering-place. The benefits derived from a sojourn at Carlsbad have usually been attributed to the water of its famous springs; but many invalids and medical men have made the discovery that zwieback should be credited with the greater part of the benefits received.

At Carlsbad, zwieback is made by exposing the sour "schwartz brodt" to moderate heat for several hours, until the starch becomes changed to dextrin and dextrose. For years the Sanitarium Health Food Company has manufactured for the use of the numerous patrons of the Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich., a superior quality of zwieback, which is not only more palatable but much more wholesome than the original article of Carlsbad manufacture. Indeed, this zwieback is one of the most nutritious, palatable, and digestible of foods, and is very largely used by those who have once learned its value. With milk or cream it is a real delicacy, as toothsome as it is nourishing and easy of digestion.

Zwieback is supplied in three grades, as follows: -

No. 1. Made of graham flour (Sanitarium brand), containing fifteen per cent, of gluten.

No. 2. Made from a combination of wheat and rye flour. Especially excellent for persons suffering from slow digestion and constipation.

No. 3. Specially prepared for persons suffering from acid dyspepsia, with tenderness and painful digestion. Very tender and toothsome.

For recipes, see pages 135 to 138.