Eggs In A Stand Soft Boiled

It takes twelve eggs twelve minutes to cook in the winter and ten minutes in the summer. It takes six eggs eight minutes to cook in the winter and seven minutes in the summer, and three eggs takes seven minutes in the winter and six minutes in the summer. Wash the eggs and place them in the stand. Then be sure that the water is boiling before it is poured on, and it must be half an inch deep over the eggs. Close the can as soon as the water is in and look at the time. If the eggs are small it takes one minute less time to cook them.

Soft Boiled Eggs

A soft boiled egg takes just four minutes to cook it. The water must be boiling when the eggs are put in.

Hard Boiled Eggs

It takes just eight minutes to boil an egg hard. The water must be boiling fast when the eggs are put in.

Eggs Poached

Put boiling water half an inch deep (with a little salt in it) into a frying pan and set it on the range where it will stand perfectly even and keep boiling hot, but not boil; then break the eggs one at a time in a saucer and put them into the water. When all are in if the water does not cover the whites add a little more boiling water with a large spoon. As soon as the whites are set divide them with a cake turner and lift carefully.

Eggs Scrambled

Take twelve fresh eggs and break them one at a time into a saucer and put them into a deep dish, then put one tablespoonful of fresh butter into a large frying pan and set it over a good fire. As soon as the butter is melted put in the eggs and sprinkle over them one even teaspoonful of salt.

Break the yolks with a spoon and as soon as the whites begin to harden turn them up from the bottorn of the pan in large flakes. They must not be stirred together like mush, it spoils the taste and looks bad. They must be soft "when done and lifted immediately. It takes less than five minutes to cook them. Serve in a warm chafing dish. When served half a teaspoonful of swiss herb cheese sprinkled over them is very fine.