Take a peck of garden snails, wash them well in small beer, and put them in a hot oven till they have done making a noise, then take thern out, and wipe them well from the green froth that is upon them, and bruise them, shells and all, in a stone mortar; then take a quart of earthworms, scour them with salt, and slit them, and wash them well with water till clean, and in a stone mortar beat them to pieces; then lay in the bottom of your distilled pot, angelica two handfuls, and two handfuls of celandine upon them, to which add two quarts of rosemary flowers, bearsfoot, agrimony, red dock roots, bark of barberries, betony, wood sorrel, of each two handfuls, rue, one handful; then lay the snails and worms on the top of the herbs and flowers; then pour on three gallons of the strongest ale, and let it stand all night. In the morning put in three ounces of cloves beaten, six pennyworth of beaten saffron, and on the top of them six ounces of shaved hart's-hoin; then set on the limbeck, and close it with paste, and so receive the water by pints, which will be nine in all; the first is the strongest, whereof take in the morning two spoonfuls in four spoonfuls of small beer, and the like in the afternoon; you must keep a good diet, and use moderate exercise to warm the blood.

* ' The Complete Cook,' by James Jenks.

This water is good against all obstructions whatsoever. It cureth a consumption and dropsie. It may be distilled with milk for weak people and children, with hart's-tongue and elecampane.*