"Take of comfrey and succory-roots, of each four ounces, liquorice, three ounces, the leaves of hart's-tongue, plantain, ground-ivy, red-nettle, yarrow, brooklime, watercresses, dandelion, and agrimony, of each two large handfuls; gather these herbs in dry weather, and do not wash them, but wipe them clean with a cloth. Then take five hundred snails, cleansed from their shells, but not scoured, and of whites of eggs beaten up to a water, a pint, four nutmegs grossly beaten, the yellow rind of one lemon and one orange. Bruise all the roots and herbs and put them together, with the other ingredients, in a gallon of new milk, and a pint of Canary; let them stand close covered, forty-eight hours, and then distill them in a common still, with a gentle fire. This quantity will fill a still twice. It will keep good a year, and is best when made spring or fall; but it is best when new. You must not cork up the bottles for three months, but cover them with paper. It is immediately fit for use; take a quarter of a pint of this water, and put to it as much milk warm from the cow, and drink it in the morning, and at four o'clock in the afternoon, and fast two hours after. To take powder of crab's eyes with it, as much as will lie on a sixpence, mightily assists to sweeten the blood. When you drink this water, be very regular in your diet, and eat nothing salt nor sour".†