Scald the snails to get rid of their shells, and then fry them with a few crumbs of bread, and a little seasoning, viz., pepper, salt, and a finish of fine herbs, or stew them with white or brown sauce.*

* 'Cooks' and Confectioners' Dictionary,' by John Nott. † 'Life in Normandy,' vol. ii. p. 24.

The following are Spanish recipes for cooking them : -

Snails With Parsley. Caracoles Con Perejil

Take a slice of crumb of bread, soak it in vinegar and water, pound it in a mortar with garlic, salt, pepper, parsley, and. mint, add oil drop by drop, turning the pestlo the whole time in the same direction; put the snails which have been already boiled, and taken out of their shells, into this, and serve cold, or fry the whole together".

Ragout Of Snails. Guisado De Caracoles

Soak the snails in salt water, then wash them in two or three waters; take thyme, marjoram, bay-leaves, and salt, and fry them with chopped onions, in butter or oil; boil the snails, and take them out of their shells, or, if you prefer it, put them shells and all, into the butter, and fry them. Let them be served as follows: soak a piece of bread in vinegar and water, and pound it in a mortar with a clove of garlic, a little pepper, salt, parsley, and mint, chopped very fine; add oil drop by drop, turning the pestle all the time till it is quite a smooth paste, and place it round the dish, putting the snails in the centre.