First place them in boiling water and allow them to remain sometime in order to make them tender. Then cut them in pieces and boil them with vegetables and onions, then fry them in a paste made of batter.

The water in which the fish has been boiled is used for soup.†

How To Cook Cuttles

"First cleanse them thoroughly by scalding; then rub the body and legs (feelers ?) with garlic, and afterwards cat the whole into small pieces, and fry in olive oil; one or two fresh gathered Chili peppers being introduced as seasoning".*

* Pliny 'Nat. Hist.' vol. vi. bk. xxxii. c. 42.


Jersey Method Of Cooking Cuttle-Fish

"Boil them for ten minutes, then take them out, and the skin will come off like a glove, leaving the fish like so many-sticks of horse-radish. Then boil them for an hour longer; take them out and cut them up, and fry them with onions. Some prefer slices of bacon fried with them instead of onions, and served up with milk sauce.† They are plentiful about October, and large ones are sold in the markets at a penny each".

Italian Recipe

Fry them in oil. They cook them thus at a small village on the Riviera, not far from Savona, and they taste like skate.