"Take oysters out of their shells, and blanch them in boiling water; then throw them into cold water, and take them out and let them drain. Put into a saucepan a piece of butter mixed with flour, parsley chopped fine, and mushrooms; warm this over the fire, and add sufficient broth to moisten it, and when it is thickened sufficiently, add the oysters seasoned with pepper and salt, and let the whole boil. The moment before serving add the juice of a lemon, or a little vinegar".

Boiled Oysters

"Wash the shells nicely, and put them into a pot or pan, with the edges downwards; put a pint, or a little less, of water to them, and put them over a brisk fire. As soon as the shells open wide, take them off, and take out the shells; then take up the oysters with a skimmer, and put them into a deep dish; put to them some of the liquor which boiled from them; add to it butter and pepper to taste, and serve with rolls, crackers, or toast". For persons in delicate health, this manner of preparing oysters, is both light and healthful.†