For Chopped parsley see No. 123.

For Truffles

Slice them and wipe off all the adhering moisture, then chop them up fine. spread them on a tin sheet covered with a sheet of paper, dry in the air and keep them in a cool place till needed.

For Onions

Cut them in two, suppress the end stalk, and slice them perpendicularly, then cut them horizontally into squares more or less large; they may afterward be chopped up so as to loosen them, and have them finer; wash them in cold water, drain on a cloth to extract all the liquid; proceed the same for shallots, without cutting them in two and put them on a plate in a cool place.

For Mushrooms

If they are already cooked, drain them well, slice, then chop them up; if raw, peel off the skin, wash them nicely, cut in squares, then chop; use them immediately.

For Red Beef Tongue

Use only the thin end of the tongue, slice, chop and lay it on a tin sheet covered with a sheet of paper, expose them to a draught to dry, chop once more until very fine, then pass them through a sieve, and keep in a cool place till needed.

For Lobster Coral

Take out the red part found inside of a boiled lobster, wash it nicely, changing the water frequently, dry it in the air, then chop it up very fine to pass through a sieve (Fig. 96); spread it on a tin sheet over a sheet of paper, dry it in the air. and keep it for use in a cool place.