First prepare the boxes of starch, impressed as explained in No. 3641: put two pounds of sugar in a copper basin, dissolve with three gills of water and stand it on the fire to cook the sugar to thirty-six degrees (syrup gauge); when the sugar attains this degree add a small cordial glassful of kirsch, maraschino or any other desired cordial, to bring the syrup back to thirty-two degrees, stirring it well. Now pour this syrup into a spring funnel (Fig. 759) and cast the candies in the starch impressions; put the filled box in the heater at a moderate temperature and leave for twelve hours. They should now have formed a sufficiently thick crust to allow them to be worked; remove carefully from the starch, brush one at a time with a very soft hair brush, and lay them at once on a grate to cool, then stand this grate on a candy pan and cover the candies with a cold thirty-two degree syrup; lay a piece of paper on top to keep the candies submerged. Put this candy pan in a mild temperature and leave for six hours. Then drain off the syrup, take out the candies to arrange them on a second grate and leave to dry.

Instead of crystallizing these candies they can be iced with fondant (No. 58) flavored with cordial.