(2851). Eggs Au Miroir A La Jockey Club (Oeufs Au Miroir A La Jockey Club)

Suppress the thin skin from one half of a white veal kidney; divide it, take out the fibrous fat, and then cut the meat into small dice. Heat some butter in a pan, put with it the kidneys, season and toss on a bright fire to have them cook rapidly, then remove with a skimmer, and set into a small vessel. Into the pan the kidneys were stewed in put two or three spoonfuls of half-glaze sauce (No. 413), and as much tomato puree (No. 730), reduce all to a third, mixing in a spoonful of Madeira wine; boil up once or twice, then take it from the fire and return the kidneys, also half as much cooked truffles cut exactly the same size as these; the sauce should be consistent. Cook six eggs au mirior on a large buttered dish, that is, baste the egg yolk with boiling butter several times while cooking in the oven; this will make them very glossy; cut them into rounds with a pastry cutter (three inches in diameter), take up with a palette, and dress in a circle on the bottom of a dish; heat the kidneys without boiling, and dress them inside the circle.

(2852). Eggs Au Miroir A La Lully (Oeufs Au Miroir A La Lully)

Butter a large dish or baking pan; break in six eggs, pour boiling butter over the yolks, and put in a very hot oven or undera salamander (Fig. 133); when done properly cut them rounded with a pastry cutter two and a quarter to two and a half inches in diameter; take them up with a large palette and dress on a dish on slices of ham of the same dimensions, and three-sixteenths of an inch thick, and the ham on croutons of fried bread cut the same, having taken them from the kernel part of a good raw ham; fry them in butter in a pan, turning them over. Fill the center of this circle with a hash made of sliced and seasoued ducks' livers mingled with a little brown Madeira wine sauce (No. 492).

Eggs Au Miroir A La Lully Oeufs Au Miroir A La Lul 582

Fig. 559.

(2853). Eggs Au Miroir A La Meyerbeer (Oeufs Au Miroir A La Meyerbeer)

Peel off the skin from two mutton kidneys; split them lengthwise on the roundest side without separating the parts, run two small wooden skewers through each kidney, season and roll in oil, then broil for eight or ten minutes, turning them over in the meanwhile. Cook two eggs in a china dish (Fig. 567), having them glossy on top; cut them round-shaped with a two and a half inch pastry cutter and take them up with a palette and dress on a hot dish with some tomato sauce (No. 549) underneath. After removing the kidneys from the fire glaze them with a brush, pull out the skewers and divide each one in two. Dress them on both sides of the eggs, the cut side uppermost, and fill the hollow with a consistent Perigueux sauce (No. 517); serve.

(2854). Eggs Au Miroir A La Provencal (Oeufs Au Miroir A La Provencale)

Pick out three or four even-sized tomatoes, cut them through their thickest part in two, suppress the seeds and put them into a pan with some oil; season and cook on both sides until they have reduced their moisture, then take them from the pan and dress on a serving dish capable of being put in the oven; bestrew with chopped parsley mingled with a bit of garlic and a pinch of dry bread-crumbs, pour over some oil and let brown for ten minutes; remove and lay on top of each tomato one miroired egg out round with a pastry cutter two and a quarter inches in diameter.

(2855). Eggs Au Miroir A La Tivolier (Oeufs Au Miroir A La Tivolier)

Toast some slices of bread cut into rounds two and a half inches across and on each one place a layer of chopped marrow; set into a hot oven. Fry raw ham cut in one-eighth inch squares in a pan with lard; drain this off and finish with butter, meat glaze (No. 402) and lemon juice. Fry some eggs in a pan; gloss by putting them in the oven and sprinkling with boiling butter; dress the marrow toasts with the ham around; pare the eggs with a two and a half inch pastry cutter, lift them up one after the other to place on top of the toast. Dress in a circle, garnish around with the tomatoes and serve with a good Madeira sauce (No. 492), sprinkling chopped parsley over the whole.