(3538). Alaska, Florida (Alaska, Florida)

Prepare a very fine vanilla-flavored Savoy biscuit paste (No. 3231). Butter some plain molds two and three-quarters inches in diameter by one and a half inches in depth; dip them in fecula or flour, and fill two-thirds full with the paste. Cook, turn them out and make an incision all around the bottom; hollow out the cakes, and mask the empty space with apricot marmalade (No. 3675). Have some ice cream molds shaped as shown in Fig. 667, fill them half with uncooked banana ice cream (No. 3541), and half with uncooked vanilla ice cream (No. 3466); freeze, unmold and lay them in the hollow of the prepared biscuits; keep in a freezing box or cave. Prepare also a meringue with twelve egg-whites and one pound of sugar. A few moments before serving place each biscuit with its ice on a small lace paper, and cover one after the other with the meringue pushed through a pocket furnished with a channeled socket, beginning at the bottom and diminishing the thickness until the top is reached; color this meringue for two minutes in a hot oven, and when a light golden brown remove and serve at once.

Alaska Florida Alaska Florida 693

Fig. 667.

Alaska Florida Alaska Florida 694

Fig. 668.

(3539). Alexandria (Alexandria)

Have in a tin basin ten raw egg-yolks and twelve ounces of sugar; beat both well together, diluting with a quart of boiling milk, adding the peel of one orange. Set this on a slow fire, stir and cook until the preparation covers the spatula, then leave to cool off. Add the pulp of four bananas, one pint of cream and two gills of vanilla syrup at thirty-two degrees: strain through a sieve, freeze and mix into this ice one gill of Curacoa and half as much whipped cream. With this frozen preparation fill some crescent-shaped molds, pack in ice and freeze for half an hour. Unmold and decorate each side with lozenges of angelica and candied cherries, and stand them on whipped cream having had crushed macaroons soaked in maraschino mingled in.

Alexandria Alexandria 695

Fig. 669.

(3540). Asparagus (Asperges)

Cook one pound of asparagus tops in plenty of unsalted water; drain and lay them in a tinned basin with ten egg-yolks and twelve ounces of sugar; mix thoroughly, incorporating a pint of boiling milk; cook this preparation without allowing to boil, and put aside to cool, then add a pint of cream; color a third part to a pale green; strain through a sieve, and freeze the parts separately. With this ice fill some asparagus-shaped molds, the stalks or third part to be of the green ice, and the remainder white. Freeze the molds for half an hour, unmold, tie in bunches of three with a pink ribbon, and dress ou napkins. Serve separately a sauce made of vanilla ice cream (No. 3458), whipped cream (No. 50) and maraschino. Asparagus can also be imitated by filling the molds with pistachio (No. 3454) and vanilla ice cream (No. 3458), and serving the same as the above.

Asparagus Asperges 696

Fig. 670.