(1403). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Fearing (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Fearing)

After the minions are prepared and cooked the same as for plain (No. 1399). lay them on round flat poached quenelles of chicken forcemeat mixed with cooked fine herbs ( No. 385), the same size as the minions, and a quarter of an inch thick. Glaze the minions with meat glaze (No. 402), and garnish around with a garnishing prepared as follows: Put some financiere sauce (No. 464) into a saucepan, add balls of game forcemeat half an inch in diameter, some olives, mushrooms, artichoke bottoms divided into six pieces, a few cocks'-combs, or beef palates cut the same shape as the cocks'-combs, cock's-kidneys, and whole truffles.

(1404). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Meyerbeer (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Meyerbeer)

The tenderloin is to be prepared and cooked the same as for plain (No. 1399), and when done properly prepare a Piedmontese risot (No. 2981). Garnish the center of a dish with this. piling it high and dome-shaped; then glaze the minions, and arrange them around the rice. Divide some lamb or mutton kidneys in two, having half a kidney for each minion; season these with salt and pepper, then saute them in some butter on a hot fire. When done, drain off the butter, add a little fresh butter and some meat glaze (No. 402), and toss the kidneys in this. Lay half a kidney on top of each minion, serving at the same time, but separately, a sauce-boatful of sauce Perigueux (No. 517).

(1405). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Salvini (Mignons De Filet De Bcenf A La Salvilli)

Prepare and cook the minions as for plain (No. 1399), lay them on a dish, glaze them, and place on top of each minion a slice of plainly cooked duck's liver the same shape, but smaller than the minion, and on top of each piece of liver, a slice of black truffle. Cover the minions with an allemande sauce (No. 407), with parmesan cheese, adding to it some minced mushrooms and chopped parsley. Brown in a very hot oven or under a gas salamander (Fig. 123).

(1406). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Stanley (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Stanley)

After preparing and cooking the minions as described in plain minions (No. 1399), glaze them with a brush, and lay them on a dish. Remove the peel from several bananas, cut them lengthwise in two. and cut each half across; roll the pieces in flour, and plunge them to fry in very hot oil. Fry in butter without browning, one small onion weighing an ounce and chopped up very line; moisten this with one gill of cream, reduce and strain through a sieve, then thicken it with egg-yolks stirred up in cream. Add some freshly grated horseradish, until the preparation thickens well, then season with salt. Warm this without boiling, garnish the minions with it, having it an inch deep and bomb-shaped. Sprinkle chopped parsley over the top. and set on each one, a quarter of a fried banana.

(1407). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef A La Vernon (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf A La Vemon)

To be prepared and cooked the same as for plain (No. 1399). Set them on a dish on top of slices of bread cut the same size, and fried in butter. Garnish around with cucumbers cut into olive-shaped pieces, blanched, drained, and put in a saucepan with some veloute(No. 415), and quarter inch squares of celery, blanched until nearly cooked. Boil slowly till the cucumbers are done, and when ready to serve, stir into it a piece of fresh butter, spread this over each minion, and on each one lay a slice of crawfish butter (No. 573) or lobster butter (No. 580), seasoned with a little cayenne pepper; throw a little chopped parsley over the red butter.

(1408). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef With Cepes A La Bordelaise (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf Aux Cepes A La Bordelaise)

Prepare and cook the minions as indicated in plain minions (No. 1399). Glaze and garnish them around with a garnishing of cepes a la bordelaise made as follows: Choose medium sized cepes, not too large, remove the stalks, and trim them without altering their shape. Pour some oil in a pan, and when hot, throw in the cepes, color, season, and reduce the moisture Finish cooking them with a Madeira sauce (No. 492), some chopped parsley, and a little garlic crushed and chopped fine. Serve at the same time a sauce-boat of Madeira sauce.

(1409). Minions Of Tenderloin Of Beef With Chestnuts, Marsala Sauce (Mignons De Filet De Boeuf Aux Matrons, Sauce Marsala)

Have the minions prepared and cooked the same as for plain (No. 1399). Split open the sides of some chestnuts, plunge them into very hot fat, or roast them in the oven, remove the outside peel, also the inside skin, blanch them in plenty of water, then cook them in broth (No. 194a) with a little butter added, and a stalk of celery. When thoroughly done, drain, and use only those which have remained whole and intact; return these to the saucepan adding a little half-glaze sauce (No. 413), and some Marsala wine. Dress the glazed minions on a bread crouton fried in butter, and garnish them with the chestnuts either around or inside should they be arranged crown-shaped. Pour the sauce over and serve.