Dried Beef Frizzled

Shave the beef as thin as paper; melt in a frying-pan a piece of butter the size of a large egg; when hot, stir in the beef, and toss it about for a minute; have ready a teacup of cream or rich milk, with the yolk of an egg beaten in it and a saltspoonful of mixed mustard; dust the beef with flour, stir it about, then pour in the cream, shake it through the meat boil up and serve.

Dried Beef Frizzled In Cream, No. 2

Chip the beef as thin as paper with a very sharp knife. Melf in a frying-pan butter the size of an egg, stir the beef about in it for two or three minutes, dust in a little flour, add half a teacup of rich cream, give a boil up, and serve in a covered dish.

Frizzled Beef, No. 3

Chip the beef as above, melt in a frying-pan butter the size of an egg, stir in the beef, toss it about over a hot fire, add two tablespoonsful of hot water, boil up and serve. Cook the beef rather longer in this recipe than in the former one, with cream.