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No more unique or welcome gift for a brain fagged housewife can be imagined than this little series of handbooks in their quaint plaid gingham covers, comprising any number of tried recipes.

Putnam's Homemaker Series

By Olive Green Each, 16mo, cloth, net, $1.00

I. What to Have for Breakfast

" One might conscientiously use a number of enthusiastic adjectives about Olive Green's Guide to the Cheerful Life. It is a small book, but any one who looks it over can find a hundred reasons for owning it, and, failing to publish it, the Board of Home Missions lost an opportunity," - Life, N. Y.

"One of the sanest brochures on the food question yet published." - N. Y. Evening Mail.

" Whoever follows its laws will bring peace to her household and kindly fame to herself. It is the best book in all the world with which to start the fresh day, and an intelligent application of its rules may set in motion the very springs of heroism, joy, and achievement." - Chicago Tribune.

II. Everyday Luncheons

"Here are 365 menus, one for every day in the year, besides a variety of recipes that have a toothsome aspect in print and have not been found wanting in practice, as we are assured. There are some introductory words on ' Luncheons, Wise and Foolish,' which contain sound philosophy with a coating of humor."

Pittsburg Gazette.

"Covers the whole subject in a complete and comprehensive fashion." - Albany Argus.

'A helpful companion for any woman seeking to vary her menus. The recipes are economical, in many cases new, and in all cases practical.

The Congregationalist.

"It is well worth the attention of every careful housewife." - Boston Times.

G. P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

Putnam's Home maker Series

III. One Thousand Simple Soups

"Its information is all practical and every recipe contained within its covers is well worth trying. It will prove a valuable addition to the domestic shelf of any housewife whether she be her own cook or not." - Newark Advertiser.

"The recipes are well-classed and are distinctly good. The neat little volume deserves a prominent place upon the kitchen shelf." - Chicago Record-Herald.

IV. How to Cook shellfish

"The book is very cleverly written and contains many good things besides the recipes." - Burlington Free Press.

" A practical and useful book." - Providence Journal.

V. How to Cook Fish

"A capital little volume." - N. Y. Press.

"Up-to-date and reliable - a book all housewives will grasp greedily." - Detroit News.

" The directions are brief and clear." - San Francisco Chronicle.

To be followed shortly by

VI. How to Cook Meat and Poultry

VII. How to Cook Vegetables

Descriptive circular of Books on Household Subjects sent on application.

G. P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

Books for the Household

Household Economics

A Course of Lectures in the School of Economics of the University of Wisconsin. By Helen Campbell, author of "Prisoners of Poverty," "American Girls' Home Book," etc. Octavo, gilt top......$1.50

"A truly remarkable work. . . . The author evinces a thorough knowledge of her subject, and she treats of it in a luminous and logical manner, and is thoroughly practical . . The book should be read in every intelligent household where the author's living voice cannot be heard." - N. Y. Observer.

The Majestic Family Cook Book

By A dolphe Gallier, Chef of the Majestic Hotel, New York. Containing 1300 selected recipes, simplified for the use of housekeepers; also a few-choice bills of fare. Octavo . . $2.50

"M. Gallier has taken advantage of his long professional career in the culinary art, and now presents in convenient form his entire lore in a neatly printed volume. . . . The author may be considered the most accomplished of artists. . . . The book is invaluable to every household." - New York Times.

Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Dinners

Suggested by M. E. N. 16mo, gilt top . $1.25

"This is a daintily printed book issued by the Putnams. The daily dinner, not the exceptional feast, is its theme, though a few menus are provided. Each bill of fare is introduced by an epigram or quotation from a good author." - Cincinnati Times-Star.

G.P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

Books for the Household

The Franco-American Cookery


Or, How to Live Well and Wisely Every Day in the Year

Containing over 2000 Recipes. By Felix J. Deliee, Caterer of the New York Club : Ex-Chef of the Union and Manhattan Clubs. Seventh Edition. Large octavo, half leather, illustrated . . . . . $3.50

A new treatise, containing 365 different bills of fare, giving concise instructions how to properly prepare and serve all kinds of domestic and foreign culinary provisions in every way for each succeeding season, and mostly convenient for private families, clubs, restaurants, hotels, etc.

"This may be termed a perfect dictionary of cookery, and it is prepared by a gentleman most eminently qualified for the important work which he has accomplished." - Woman's Journal, Boston.

What One Can Do with a Chafing-Dish

By H. L. Sawtelle. New revised and enlarged edition, 16mo ..... $1.00

"Messrs. Putnam have just issued a revised and enlarged edition of a charming book entitled ' What One Can Do with a Chafing-Dish.' I have written three works on this subject myself, and am therefore competent to judge the book in question. Miss Sawtelle's book should be in possession of every owner of a chafing-dish in this or any other country. The recipes are excellent, and while they are dainty enough to suit the most fastidious, they are also plain and practical." - Thomas J. Murray, in "Twentieth Century Cookery."

G.P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

Books For the Household

Good Living

A Practical Cookery Book for Town and Country. By Sara Van Buren Brugiere. Fifth edition. Octavo......$1.75

This book contains over 1300 recipes drawn from highest authorities and many countries. All the plainer dishes, which every family requires, and which are generally slighted because they are plain and simple, have received careful study ; roasting, bread- and butter-making, etc., having had great attention. Besides these, there is an endless variety of entries or side-dishes to suit the palate of the gourmet, all simple and easy to make, giving a large scope for the housekeeper to furnish a varied table with a comparatively limited variety of material. Another aim, almost if not quite equal, is economy, every recipe given being within the reach of any family of moderate, even modest means, in either city or country.

Catering for Two

Comfort and Economy for Small Households. By Alice L. James.

Everyday Edition. 16mo. Cloth. . . . $1.25 The Bridal Edition. Small 4t0. A new edition. Printed on fine laid paper. Bound in lavender silk, tied with ribbon of same color, and beautifully boxed. $4.00 The Lavender Edition. Bound in lavender cloth. Handsomely stamped and with lavender silk ribbon ; handsomely boxed.........$2.50

"We recommend it as sensible, practical, and so clear and distinct in its directions as to insure good results. The book is as tasteful as the compounds are tasty. Its perusal is equal to a course in a first-class cooking-school." - woman's Journal.

G.P. Putnam's Sons

New York London

Putnam's Homemaker Series By Olive Green

I. What to Have for Breakfast II. Everyday Luncheons

III. One Thousand Simple Soups

IV. How to Cook Shellfish V. How to Cook Fish

To be followed by;

VI. How to Cook Meat and Poultry

VII. How to Cook Vegetables

G. P. Putnam's Sons New York London

Back Talk

The author, though at present unable to contemplate calmly even a pair of fish-net curtains, is willing to admit that there are more ways of cooking fish than appear here.

The blank pages appended are for additional recipes.