Halibut A La Creole - II

Lay halibut steak for an hour in oil and vinegar, adding chopped onion and minced parsley to the marinade. Drain and put the fish into a baking-pan. Turn over it a sauce made of one cupful of strained tomatoes, a tablespoonful of butter, a heaping teaspoonful of flour, and salt, paprika, and grated onion to season. Cover closely and bake until tender. Sprinkle with grated cheese and cook for five minutes longer. Transfer the fish carefully to a hot platter and pour the sauce around it.

Halibut A La Creole - III

Boil together a pint of stewed tomatoes, a cupful of water, a slice of onion, and three cloves. Blend together two tablespoonfuls of butter and one of flour, and stir into the sauce when it boils. Season with salt and pepper, and cook for ten minutes. Strain and cool.

Skin the fish according to directions given in the recipe for Baked Halibut - I. Put on a buttered tin sheet in a baking-pan, season with salt and pepper, and bake, basting frequently with the sauce.

Baked Halibut - I

Take three or four pounds of the fish and remove the dark skin, by dipping it into boiling water and scraping. Rub the flesh with salt and pepper, put it into a baking-pan, and add enough milk to cover the bottom of the pan an inch deep. Bake for an hour, basting frequently with the milk. Take out the fish, remove the bone and skin, and serve with Egg Sauce.

Baked Halibut - II

Soak six pounds of halibut in salt water for two hours. Wipe dry and score the outer skin. Bake for an hour in a moderately hot oven, basting with melted butter and hot water. Add a little boiling water to the gravy, a tablespoonful of walnut catsup, a teaspoonful of Worcestershire Sauce, salt and pepper to season, and the juice of a lemon. Thicken with browned flour rubbed smooth with a little cold water.

Baked Halibut - III

Take a thick cut of halibut and soak for half an hour in salted water. Put into a baking-pan with two slices of carrot, a slice of onion, and half a bay-leaf. Pour over it a cupful of boiling water and two tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Bake for an hour, basting frequently, and serve with any preferred sauce.

Baked Halibut - IV

Lay a thick piece of halibut into a buttered pan, cover with thin slices of salt pork, and dredge with salt, pepper, and flour. Cover the bottom of the pan with boiling water, and bake for an hour. Baste with the gravy in the pan and melted butter, adding salt, pepper, and flour as needed. A bay-leaf, a sprig of parsley, two slices of carrot, and half an onion or a clove of garlic may be put into the dripping-pan.

Baked Halibut - V

Prepare according to directions given for Baked Halibut - II, seasoning the gravy with lemon- and onion-juice, celery salt, and half a cupful of Claret.

Eighty Ways to Cook Halibut 175.

Baked Halibut With Lobster Sauce

Put a piece of halibut on a buttered fish sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and dredge with flour. Cover the bottom of the pan with water, add a sprig of parsley, a slice of onion, two slices of carrot, three tablespoonfuls of butter, and a bit of bay-leaf. Bake for an hour, basting as required, and serve with Lobster Sauce.