Baked Chicken Halibut

Prepare a dressing according to directions given in the preceding recipe. Stuff a chicken halibut, sew up and bake in a buttered pan, basting with melted butter and salted hot water. Serve with Hollandaise Sauce.

Baked Halibut Steaks With Tomatoes

Soak the steaks for an hour in olive-oil and lemon-juice. Cook together for fifteen minutes a can of tomatoes and a seeded chopped green pepper, half an onion, a teaspoonful of sugar, and pepper and salt to season. Rub through a colander and cool. Put the drained fish in a buttered baking-pan, pour the sauce over, and bake.

Devilled Halibut - I

Flake cold cooked halibut. Make a forcemeat of bread-crumbs, the yolks of two eggs, a tablespoonful of melted butter, and salt, paprika, grated onion, and minced parsley to season. Mix the fish, moisten with oyster liquor, and fill buttered individual shells. Cover with crumbs, season with salt and pepper, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Devilled Halibut - II

Flake a pound of cooked halibut. Mix together the pounded yolks of three hard-boiled eggs, one tablespoonful of olive-oil, two teaspoonfuls of sugar, a teaspoonful of made mustard, a pinch of cayenne, a teaspoonful of salt, a teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce, half a teaspoonful of anchovy paste, and enough vinegar to make a smooth paste. Mix thoroughly with the fish, and garnish with hard-boiled eggs sliced or quartered.

Moulded Halibut With Green Peas

Chop a pound of raw halibut very fine. Add to it the yolk of an egg well beaten, and salt, red and white pepper to season. Add a teaspoonful of corn-starch rubbed smooth with two thirds of a cupful of milk and one third of a cupful of cream, whipped solid. Fill buttered individual moulds, put into a pan of hot water, and bake in a slow oven for twenty minutes. Turn out on a platter and surround with cooked peas, reheated in Cream Sauce.

Sandwiches Of Chicken Halibut

Cut chicken halibut into thin fillets. Put together in pairs with chopped oysters between, rubbed to a paste with seasoned crumbs and cream. Rub with melted butter, sprinkle with lemon-juice, and season with salt and pepper. Put into a shallow pan with half a cupful of white wine, and bake for twenty minutes. Arrange on a platter, sprinkle with minced parsley, and serve with Hollandaise Sauce.

Turbans Of Halibut

Have a slice of halibut cut two inches thick. Take off the skin and cut into cylinders with a small tin baking-powder box. Steam until firm and serve with a Cream Sauce flavored with parsley and lemon. Or, bake in milk and serve with Cream Sauce, using stewed and strained tomato for half of the liquid.

Halibut And Lobster A La Hollandaise

Reheat equal quantities of boiled and flaked lobster and halibut in Hollandaise Sauce.

Halibut Steak A La Jardiniere - I

Soak halibut steaks for an hour in salt and water. Wipe dry and rub with melted butter. Butter a china baking-dish, sprinkle chopped onion on the bottom and put in the steaks. On top put a boiled carrot cut into dice, half a dozen sliced tomatoes, a shredded green pepper, and half a cupful of green peas. Add enough salted boiling water to keep the fish from scorching, put a tablespoonful of butter on top, cover, and bake until done. Drain the liquor carefully from the pan, add three tablespoonfuls of white wine, and thicken with a teaspoonful of butter rolled in browned flour. Serve separately as a sauce.