Fillets Of Halibut Stuffed With Oysters

Prepare the fillets according to directions given for Fillets of Halibut a la Poulette. Roll each one around an oyster, fasten with a wooden toothpick, and bake as usual.

Fillets Of Halibut With Brown Sauce

Put the seasoned fillets into a buttered pan with sufficient boiling water, and bake, basting as required. Drain off the water, add to it a teaspoonful of beef extract, and thicken with browned flour. Pour the sauce over the fish, cover with buttered crumbs, and bake until the crumbs are brown.

Fillets Of Halibut With Potato Balls

Cut the solid meat into fillets, seasoning with salt, pepper, onion- and lemon-juice. Brown slightly in pork fat, then place in a baking-dish. Prepare a Cream Sauce, adding to it a slice each of carrot and onion, a bay-leaf, and minced parsley and grated nutmeg to season. Strain over the fish and bake for twelve minutes. Serve with a border of steamed potato balls.

Fried Fillets Of Halibut - I

Prepare the fillets according to directions previously given and soak for an hour in a marinade of oil, vinegar, and minced onion. Drain, dip in batter, then in crumbs, and fry in deep fat.

Fried Fillets Of Halibut - II

Clean and fillet the fish. Dip into beaten egg, then into crumbs, and fry in deep fat. Serve with melted butter, lemon-juice, and minced parsley.

Mayonnaise Of Halibut With Cucumbers

Boil or steam halibut steaks according to directions previously given. Remove the skin, cover with thinly sliced cucumbers, and pour over a Mayonnaise dressing.

Halibut Loaf

Cook together two tablespoonfuls of butter and one tablespoonful of flour. Add half a can of chopped mushrooms, two cupfuls of chopped cooked halibut, pepper, salt, onion-juice, and anchovy paste to season, and two eggs beaten smooth with four tablespoonfuls of cream. Pour into a buttered mould, cover set into a pan of hot water and cook steadily for an hour. Turn out and garnish with po tato balls.

Halibut And Eggs

Flake a pound of cooked halibut and mix with six eggs well beaten. Season with salt and pepper and cook in butter, stirring constantly until the eggs set. Serve on buttered toast.

Halibut In Ramekins

Prepare the fish according to directions given for Halibut in Cucumbers. Fill buttered individual dishes, cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and bake in the oven.

Halibut Fish Balls

Flake cold cooked halibut and mix with an equal quantity of mashed potatoes beaten very light with egg. Season with salt, pepper, and melted butter. Shape into balls, dip into melted butter, dredge with flour, and fry in deep fat.

Breaded Halibut

Prepare according to directions given for Halibut a la Creole - I, sprinkling with minced parsley as well as garlic. Cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and bake in the oven.

Coquilles Of Halibut

Flake cold cooked halibut, and mix with Cream Sauce. Season with mushroom catsup, fill buttered individual shells, cover with fried bread-crumbs and heat thoroughly in the oven.