Boiled Finnan-Haddie - I

Divide into convenient pieces, cover with boiling water, add a teaspoonful of sugar, and boil for fifteen minutes. Take up on a hot platter, remove the skin, and dot with butter.

Boiled Finnan-Haddie - II

Cover the fish with boiling water, boil for five minutes, drain, cover with melted butter, and serve with plain boiled potatoes.

Broiled Finnan-Haddie - I

Brown a haddie on a greased broiler. Cover with hot water, let stand for ten minutes and drain. Spread with butter and sprinkle with pepper.

Broiled Finnan-Haddie - II

Cut the haddie into small squares, skin and parboil it. Wipe dry, broil on a buttered gridiron and serve with melted butter.

Broiled Finnan-Haddie - III

Wash the fish thoroughly, and let stand in cold water for three quarters of an hour, then cover with boiling water for five minutes, wipe dry, rub with butter and lemon-juice, and broil for fifteen minutes. Serve with melted butter or Tartar Sauce.

Broiled Finnan-Haddie - IV

Wash the fish and soak for half an hour in cold water, skin side up. Cover with water just below the boiling point, and let stand for fifteen minutes. Wipe dry, brush with olive-oil, and broil slowly. Serve with melted butter and lemon-juice.

Baked Finnan-Haddie - I

Pour boiling water over the fish, and let it stand for ten minutes. Take it out of the water, lay it in a baking-pan, brush with butter and pepper, and bake for fifteen minutes.

Baked Finnan-Haddie - II

Put a haddie into a frying-pan, pour over it half a cupful of milk, and half a cupful of water. Heat slowly and let stand just below the boiling point for half an hour. Pour off the liquid, spread with butter, and bake for twenty-five minutes in a hot oven.

Escalloped Finnan-Haddie

Prepare the fish according to directions given in the preceding recipe. After drying, remove the skin and bones and flake with a fork. Butter a baking-dish and put the fish into it. Pour over it a sauce made of two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour cooked together and added to two cupfuls of milk. Bring to the boil, pour over the fish, cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Toasted Finnan-Haddie

Brush the fish with butter and sprinkle it with pepper. Broil until cooked through, and serve with toast.

Finnan-Haddie A La Delmonico

Flake half a pound of freshened finnan-haddie, and fry in a little butter. Add one cupful of cream beaten with the yolk of a raw egg. Thicken with a tablespoonful of flour rubbed smooth with a little of the cream. Add a hard-boiled egg chopped fine, and a teaspoonful of grated cheese. Serve on toast.

Savory Finnan-Haddie

Dip the fish in boiling water, take out all the bones and skin. Mash the meat with a tablespoonful each of butter and cream, seasoning with salt, pepper, and lemon-juice. Cook until thick and pour over slices of buttered toast.

Finnan-Haddie Hash

Prepare the fish according to directions given for Boiled Finnan-Haddie. Mix with an equal quantity of hot mashed potatoes, moisten with cream, and season with chopped green peppers fried in oil.

Finnan-Haddie With Tomatoes

Lay a haddie in a deep dish, cover with boiling water, and let stand for ten minutes. Drain and remove skin and break in good-sized flakes. Cook two level tablespoonfuls of butter and a tablespoonful of finely minced onion in a saucepan until golden brown. Add one cupful of the solid partof canned tomatoes. When it begins to simmer, add salt and pepper to taste. Then add the prepared fish and simmer for five minutes. Add one tablespoonful of finely minced parsley and serve.

Creamed Finnan-Haddie

Parboil, drain, and flake the fish. Reheat with shredded fried green peppers in a Cream Sauce. Canned pimentos may be used instead of the green peppers.