Baked Trout With White Wine - I

Put the cleaned fish in a small buttered baking-pan with white wine to moisten, and salt and pepper to season. Cover with buttered paper and bake, basting with the liquid. Take up the fish, thicken the liquid with butter and flour cooked together, add a little more butter, pour over the fish, and serve.

Baked Trout With White Wine - II

Take the fillets from a three-pound trout and bake for ten minutes in a buttered baking-pan. Fry a chopped onion in butter, add a tablespoonful of flour and half a cupful of white wine. Cook until thick, stirring constantly, and add two tablespoonfuls of butter, broken into bits. Pour the sauce over the fillets and bake for fifteen minutes longer.

Baked Trout A La Chambord

Split and bone the cleaned fish and put in a buttered baking-pan skin side down. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and crumbs, and put into the oven. Cover the bones and trimmings with cold water, adding two tablespoonfuls of butter, a sliced onion, and two cupfuls of stock. Boil for half an hour, strain, add a can of mushrooms, chopped, and enough crumbs to thicken. Season with salt, pepper, and anchovy paste. Take up the fish carefully, put on a serving-dish, cover with the sauce, put in the oven for a few moments, and serve.

Trout With Fine Herbs

Put half a dozen cleaned trout in a buttered baking-dish with half a glassful of white wine, and a finely chopped shallot. Bake for ten minutes, strain the liquid, and add to it one cupful of Allemande Sauce. Add also a small chopped onion, two shallots, twice the quantity of mushrooms, and a bean of garlic, all minced and fried in butter. Season with salt, pepper,minced parsley, and lemon-juice; pour over the fish and serve.

Baked Trout With Mushroom Sauce

Butter a baking-dish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, lay a sea-trout upon it, cover with crumbs, dot with butter, squeeze over the juice of half a lemon, and bake, adding enough water to keep from burning. Brown a tablespoonful of flour in butter, add the liquid drained from the fish, one cupful each of mushroom and oyster liquor, and a wineglassful of Madeira. Cook until thick, stirring constantly, take from the fire, and add a few cooked oysters, shrimps, and mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper and serve separately.

Baked Trout With Polish Sauce

Put a cleaned trout into a buttered bakingpan, rub with butter, and season with salt and pepper. Fry a chopped onion in butter, add half a cupful of white wine and two tablespoonfuls of minced parsley, and pour over the fish. Sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and bake slowly until done. Melt one and one-half cupfuls of butter and add a tablespoonful of minced parsley, and three hard-boiled eggs chopped very fine. Serve the sauce separately.

Stuffed Trout

Clean, split, and stuff a trout, using seasoned crumbs or chopped oysters. Put in a buttered baking-dish, lay in the fish, season with salt and pepper, cover with crumbs, dot with butter, pour over a little white wine, and bake in the oven. Serve in the dish in which they were baked.