Broiled Trout - I

Clean and split the fish and let stand for an hour in melted butter, seasoned with salt, pepper, and sweet herbs. Sprinkle with crumbs, broil, squeeze lemon-juice over, then serve.

Broiled Trout - II

Gash a cleaned trout and marinate in oil and lemon-juice, seasoning with salt and pepper, minced chives, and parsley, and a little thyme. Drain, sprinkle with crumbs and chopped herbs, and broil carefully. Serve with any preferred sauce.

Broiled Trout A La Maitre D'Hote

Clean the fish but do not split. Score deeply on both sides, dip in seasoned oil, broil, and serve with Maitre d'Hotel Sauce.

Broiled Brook-Trout

Clean and split the fish, wipe dry, dip in seasoned oil and broil. Serve with any preferred sauce.

Broiled Trout With Bacon

Wash, clean, and split a trout, and remove the back-bone. Put a strip of bacon in place of the bone, tie the fish into its original shape and broil over a clear fire. Garnish with fried parsley.

Boiled Trout - I

Put the fish into cold court bouillon, bring to the boiling point, and simmer for six minutes, drain, and serve with Cream Sauce.

Boiled Trout - II

Tie a large trout in a cloth and boil it in salted and acidulated water to cover, adding an onion, a stalk of celery, and a bunch of parsley. When done, drain and keep warm. Stick blanched almonds into the fish, sharp side down, and pour over a Cream Sauce to which chopped hard-boiled eggs and parsley have been added.

Boiled Brook-Trout I

Put the cleaned trout in a saucepan with enough Claret to cover. Add a slice of lemon, two cloves, four pepper-corns, a blade of mace, and a pinch of salt. Simmer slowly until done and let cool in the liquid. Take out, strain a little of the liquid over them, and serve.

Boiled Brook-Trout - II

Prepare and clean four large trout, pour over then two cupfuls of boiling vinegar, two cupfuls of white wine, and enough water to cover. Add an onion, three cloves, three stalks of celery, four bay-leaves, a small bunch of parsley, a teaspoonful of peppercorns, and a little salt. Cover, boil until done, drain, and serve with any preferred sauce.

Fried Trout - I

Roll the cleaned fish in seasoned flour and fry in deep fat.

Fried Trout - II

Clean the fish split, season with salt, dredge with flour, and saute for five minutes in hot butter.

Fried Trout - III

Salt the fish and dip in equal parts of flour and corn-meal, thoroughly mixed. Saute in salt pork fat.

Fried Brook-Trout

Clean and split the fish, dip in seasoned flour or corn-meal, and saute in butter or salt pork fat.

Fried Fillets Of Trout - I

Remove the fillets from slices of sea-trout, dip in beaten egg, then in seasoned crumbs, and fry in deep fat. Serve with Tartar Sauce.

Fried Fillets Of Trout - II

Boil and cool a trout and divide into fillets, removing the bone. Season with lemon-juice, chopped onion, and minced parsley, and cover with a very thick Cream Sauce. Dip into crumbs, then into beaten egg, then into crumbs, fry in deep fat, and serve with any preferred sauce.