Matelote Of Eels - II

Cut a pound and a half of prepared eels into two-inch pieces and fry for two minutes in butter. Add a wineglassful of Claret, and three tablespoonfuls each of stock and mushroom liquor. Season with salt, pepper, and grated nutmeg, and a pinch of powdered sweet herbs. Add six small onions and six button mushrooms. Cook for half an hour and thicken with a tablespoonful each of butter and flour cooked together.

Matelote Of Eels - III

Prepare two eels and cut them into two-inch lengths. Cover with cold salted water and bring to the boil. Add an onion, a dozen cloves, and two tablespoonfuls of vinegar. Boil for fifteen minutes, drain, dry, roll in flour and fry brown in butter. Add two cup-fuls of boiling water, and salt, pepper, and fine herbs to season. Add a cupful of button onions peeled and fried brown in butter and sugar. Cover and simmer for one hour. If the sauce should evaporate, add more boiling water. When done, add half a cupful of wine and serve.

Matelote Of Eels A La Parisienne

Clean and cut the eels into four-inch pieces. Cover with white wine and season with sliced carrot and chopped mushrooms. Add also the liquor from three dozen parboiled oysters. Simmer until the eels are done and drain. Add to the liquor half a cupful of white stock, and thicken with flour cooked in butter. Add two wineglassfuls of white wine and boil until thick, stirring constantly. Take from the fire, and add the yolks of four eggs beaten smooth with the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoonful of butter, and a grating of nutmeg. Add the parboiled oysters, and a handful of button mushrooms. Reheat, pour over the fish, and serve.

Matelote Of Eels A La Genoise

Prepare the eels and cut into four-inch lengths. Cover with Claret or Burgundy and add sliced carrot, onion, minced parsley, chopped mushrooms, thyme, a bay-leaf, mace, cloves, and pepper-corns to season. Simmer until done and drain. Add to the liquor half a cupful of beef stock and thicken it with browned flour. Strain through a fine sieve, add a tablespoonful of butter, a little anchovy paste, a teaspoonful of minced parsley, a grating of nutmeg, and a little lemon-juice. Bring to the boil, pour over the fish, and serve.

Matelote Of Eels A La Bordelaise

Cut the eels into three-inch lengths, and cover with a bottle of Claret. Season with carrot, onion, parsley, chopped mushrooms, thyme, bay-leaf, mace, cloves, and peppercorns. Simmer for half an hour and drain. Thicken the liquor with browned flour rubbed smooth with butter, add two wineglassfuls of Claret, and bring to the boil. Skim, add a teaspoonful of capers, a pounded clove of garlic, a little butter, grated nutmeg, and anchovy paste to season. Reheat, pour over the fish, and serve.

Boiled Eels

Cut into short pieces a pound and a half of eels which have been skinned and cleaned. Put into a saucepan, cover with cold water, add a tablespoonful of salt, six whole peppers, one red onion, and a cupful of vinegar. Simmer for half an hour; drain and serve on a platter with melted butter, lemon-juice, and minced parsley.