Fried Whitebait - I

Heat together one cupful of lard and one cupful of olive-oil. Sprinkle the whitebait thickly with seasoned flour and shake free of all that does not adhere readily. Fry quickly in a frying-basket, season with salt and cayenne, and serve immediately.

Fried Whitebait - II

Wash the whitebait in ice-water, drain, wipe dry, dip in milk, then in equal parts of cracker dust and seasoned flour. Fry in deep fat, season with salt and cayenne, and serve.

Fried Whitebait - III

Cover the fish with cold water, drain, and throw them into a cloth strewn with sifted flour. Shake them in the cloth to make the flour adhere to them, then toss them in a sieve. The fish will not stick together if they are fresh. Have ready plenty of boiling beef fat, and fry the whitebait in a wire basket, a few at a time. When they are crisp without being brown they are done enough. Drain, sprinkle with salt, and serve immediately.

Devilled Whitebait

Fry the whitebait according to directions previously given, season very highly with cayenne pepper, and serve.