Shad Roes With Brown Butter Sauce

Boil the roes slowly in salted and acidulated water, drain, and pour over half a cupful of butter melted and browned, and mixed with a tablespoonful of vinegar.

Shad Roe With Mushrooms

Boil a shad roe, flake with a fork, and add an equal quantity of fresh or canned mushrooms cut in small pieces. Cook together a tablespoonful each of butter and flour and add half a cupful of cream mixed with the beaten yolks of two eggs. Mix with the mushrooms and roe. Fill ramekins, sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Creamed Shad Roe With Mushrooms

Parboil a shad roe, plunge into cold water, drain, cool, cut into squares, and saute in butter until brown. Season with salt and pepper and add half a cupful of cooked mushrooms and one cupful of boiling cream. Thicken with a teaspoonful of flour rubbed smooth with a little cold cream, season with salt and red pepper, and serve very hot.

Shad Roe With Eggs

Boil a shad roe and flake fine with a fork. Beat three eggs, season with salt and pepper, add the roe, and cook in a chafing-dish or frying-pan with plenty of melted butter.

Shad Roe With Oysters

Fry the shad roe according to directions previously given and serve with fried oysters and broiled bacon.

Shad Roe With Brown Sauce

Soak a shad roe in water for half an hour, scald, drain, cool, and cut in slices. Saute in butter and drain. Cook a tablespoonful of flour in the butter, add one cupful of stock, and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Season with salt, paprika, Worcestershire, and curry powder; pour over the fish and serve.