Cold Boiled Shad

Boil a cleaned shad in salted and acidulated water or in court-bouillon. Serve very cold with Tartar Sauce.

Boiled Shad A La Virginia

Chop together an onion, a carrot, and a stalk of celery. Fry in butter. Cover a prepared shad with boiling salted and acidulated water, and add the cooked vegetables to it. Add also two tablespoonfuls of white wine, a blade of mace, half a dozen peppercorns, two cloves, and a bay-leaf. Simmer slowly until the fish is done, drain, and serve with a Drawn-Butter Sauce, using the strained cooking liquor for liquid.

Boiled Salt Shad

Soak the fish all day in warm water, changing the water frequently, wipe off the salt, and plunge into ice-water for an hour. Put into a fish-kettle with boiling water to cover, and simmer until done. Season with pepper and serve with plenty of melted butter.

Baked Shad - I

Bake a shad in a buttered baking-pan, adding enough boiling water to keep from burning. Baste while baking with melted butter and lemon-juice, seasoning with pepper and salt. Cook together a tablespoonful each of butter and flour until brown. Add slowly a cupful of stock and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Take from the fire and add the- yolks of two eggs beaten with the juice of half a lemon. Pour over the fish and serve.

Baked Shad - II

Clean a large fish and stuff with seasoned crumbs mixed with minced parsley, adding enough melted butter to make a smooth paste. Score one side of the fish deeply and lay a small strip of salt pork in each gash. Put the fish in a buttered baking-dish, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour, and add enough boiling water to keep from burning. Baste as required with the drippings, adding more boiling water if necessary. Serve with Hollandaise Sauce or Drawn-Butter Sauce to which the mashed roe has been added.

Baked Shad - III

Stuff a fish with seasoned crumbs made smooth with melted butter. Season the fish with salt and pepper and cover with thin slices of breakfast bacon. Bake until well done, basting with melted butter and hot water. Add a teaspoonful each of lemon- juice and anchovy essence to the gravy remaining in the pan and thicken with flour browned in butter. Serve the sauce separately.

Baked Shad - IV

Stuff a large fish with seasoned crumbs, adding chopped onion and melted butter to taste. Sew up the fish and put into a buttered baking-pan with a cupful of salted boiling water and two tablespoonfuls of butter. Dredge with flour, and bake, basting with the drippings. Take up the fish carefully and thicken the gravy with two tablespoonfuls of flour browned in butter and made smooth with a little cold water. Add a cupful of stock or water, the juice of a lemon, and Worcestershire Sauce and kitchen bouquet to season. Strain through a sieve and serve with the fish.

Baked Shad - V

Stuff the cleaned fish with seasoned crumbs made very rich with melted butter. Wrap in a large sheet of buttered paper, fastening it securely, and bake in a moderate oven. Remove the paper carefully and serve with any preferred sauce.