Baked Shad - VI

Leave the head on. Make a stuffing of bread-crumbs, cold ham or bacon minced fine, sweet marjoram, pepper, salt, mace or ground cloves and a raw egg, or two if necessary, to bind. Put the fish into a deep buttered baking-pan fastening its tail in its mouth; put into the pan enough water to cover, add half a cupful of Port or Claret, and a tablespoonful of butter rolled in flour. Baste frequently with the gravy and bake until done. Pour the gravy over and serve.

Baked Shad - VII

Prepare a stuffing of two cupfuls of breadcrumbs, the beaten yolk of an egg, a tablespoonful of powdered sweet herbs, a tablespoonful of chopped onion, a teaspoonful of lemon-juice and salt, pepper, Worcestershire and powdered cloves to season. Stuff and sew up a prepared shad, lay on a buttered baking-pan, cover with slices of salt pork, dredge with flour, season with salt and pepper and bake, basting with hot water and melted butter as required. Serve with Hollandaise Sauce.

Baked Shad - VIII

Clean a shad and stuff with seasoned crumbs mixed with beaten eggs. Cover a buttered baking-dish with sliced raw potatoes, lay the shad upon it, add enough stock or water to keep from burning and bake. Serve with any preferred sauce.

Baked Shad - IX

Stuff the fish with cracker crumbs, mixed with minced parsley, capers, and lemon-juice, seasoning with salt and pepper, and adding enough melted butter to make a smooth paste. Put the fish in a buttered baking-pan, rub with butter, dredge with flour, and add enough boiling water to keep from burning. Baste every ten minutes with the gravy in the pan and melted butter, dredging lightly after each basting with seasoned flour. Serve with Brown Sauce.

Baked Shad - X

Trim and clean a small shad, put it into a buttered baking-dish, seasoning with salt, pepper, minced onion and half a cupful of white wine. Add water or stock, if necessary, to keep from burning. Cover with buttered paper and bake for half an hour. Prepare a cupful of Allemande Sauce and add to it the liquid drained from the fish and a little chopped cooked spinach. Strain over the fish and serve.

Shad Baked In Milk

Clean a large roe shad, saving the roe and removing the back-bone. Soak stale bread in cold water and squeeze dry. Chop a large onion fine and fry in butter. Add the bread, and salt, pepper, parsley, and sage to season. Cook thoroughly, take from the fire and add the yolks of two eggs well beaten. Stuff the fish, sew up, rub with salt and put in a buttered baking-pan with thin slices of salt pork or bacon to cover the top. Fill the pan with sweet milk, leaving only the pork exposed. Bake slowly, basting often. Take up the fish carefully, strain the liquor, thicken with butter and flour, and serve separately. Fry the roe in butter, cut in slices, and garnish the fish with it.

Baked Shad A La Virginia

Clean the fish and stuff with seasoned crumbs made very rich with melted butter. Put in a baking-pan with enough boiling water to keep it from burning, and bake until done, basting with melted butter and the liquid in the pan. Take up the fish carefully and keep warm. Thicken the gravy with a tablespoonful of flour browned in butter, and mix smooth with cold water. Season with catsup, lemon-juice, Sherry or Madeira. Serve the sauce separately.