Baked Shad A La Carolina

Clean a large roe shad, leaving the head on, take out the backbone and stuff with the boiled roe chopped, six chopped hard-boiled eggs, half a cupful of bread-crumbs, a chopped onion, a tablespoonful of butter, and salt, pepper, and minced parsley to season. Stuff the fish, sew up and put in a buttered baking-pan, adding enough hot water to keep from burning, three or four slices of bacon, and salt and pepper to season. Baste often and serve with Tartar Sauce.

Baked Shad With Fine Herbs

Sprinkle a buttered baking-dish with chopped onion and parsley, lay the prepared fish upon it and sprinkle with onion and parsley, seasoning with salt, pepper, and dots of butter. Add half a cupful of white wine and a cupful of white stock. Cover with a buttered paper and bake in a moderate oven. Take up the fish carefully and thicken the gravy with flour cooked in butter. Pour the sauce over the fish, sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven. Squeeze the juice of a lemon over and serve.

Baked Shad Stuffed With Oysters

Rub a large cleaned fish with salt inside and out. Stuff with oysters and seasoned crumbs made very rich with melted butter, and bake, basting with melted butter and hot water. Thicken the gravy with flour browned in butter, adding a little hot water or stock if necessary, season with lemon-juice and catsup and serve the sauce separately.

Stuffed Shad - I

Make a stuffing of two cupfuls of breadcrumbs, half a cupful of tomatoes, an onion chopped fine, half a cupful of melted butter, and salt and pepper to season. Stuff the fish, sew up, rub with butter, season with salt and pepper, dredge with flour, and bake for an hour, basting often with melted butter and hot water. Serve with Tomato Sauce.

Stuffed Shad - II

Season a cupful of cracker crumbs with grated onion, minced capers and parsley, add a heaping tablespoonful of butter, and salt and pepper to season. Or, fry a small chopped onion in butter, add a cupful of crumbs, season with salt, pepper and lemon-juice, take from the fire and add the yolk of an egg beaten smooth with a little milk. Stuff the cleaned shad and sew up. Cover the bottom of a baking-dish with thin slices of salt pork, lay the fish upon it, cover with more pork, add enough boiling water to keep from burning, and bake, basting frequently. For the sauce, melt half a cupful of butter and add to it the juice of half a lemon and three tablespoonfuls of Claret. Serve the sauce separately.

Stuffed Shad - III

Prepare a shad as for boiling and stuff with seasoned crumbs, adding the beaten yolk of an egg to bind. Fill the fish and sew up; put into a baking-pan enough water or stock to keep from burning and two tablespoonfuls of butter. Bake carefully, basting as required. Take up the fish and add to the liquid enough stock to make the required quantity of sauce. Thicken with flour browned in butter, season with lemon-juice, catsup, and Sherry or Madeira. Pour around the fish and serve.