Smoked Salmon

Cut it into thin slices, warm it up in a little olive-oil, strain the oil when it is warmed, add to it lemon-juice and minced parsley, pour over the fish, and serve.

Broiled Kippered Salmon

Cut the salmon into strips, wrap in buttered paper, and broil carefully over a clear fire. Remove the paper and serve.

Fried Kippered Salmon

Soak slices of kippered salmon in olive-oil for several hours. Drain off the oil and fry the salmon slices in it. Serve with melted butter and lemon-juice.

Broiled Salt Salmon

Soak the fish for thirty-six hours in cold water, changing the water often. Drain, wipe dry, rub with melted butter, broil, and serve with Egg Sauce.

Boiled Salt Salmon

Soak the fish over night, drain, rinse, and simmer for fifteen or twenty minutes. Season with pepper and butter and garnish with parsley.

Pickled Salt Salmon

Prepare according to directions given for Pickled Salmon, soaking the salt fish for twelve hours before cooking.

Salt Salmon In Papillotes

Cut the fish into strips, soak for an hour in cold water, drain, and dry. Season with pepper and wrap each piece in tough, well-buttered paper, twisting the ends. Broil carefully over clear coals, unwrap and serve with any preferred sauce.

P.S. This is an insignificant fraction of what we really know about salmon. We are saving the rest for a Piscatorial Encyclopedia.