Salmon A La Supreme

Boil a salmon in court-bouillon with wine, drain, cool, skin, and serve with Tartar Sauce.

Mayonnaise Of Salmon

Cook fresh salmon in a court-bouillon, drain, cool, skin, and serve with Mayonnaise.

Salmon Pudding

Flake the fish, add half the quantity of bread crumbs, a tablespoonful of melted butter, a teaspoonful of onion juice, and pepper and salt to season. Beat two eggs light with two tablespoonfuls of cream, mix with the fish, put into a buttered mould and boil for an hour and a half. Serve with a Cream Sauce seasoned with lemon-juice and anchovy paste.

Baked Salmon - I

Put four salmon steaks into a buttered saucepan with two cupfuls each of white wine and white stock. Season with salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, minced parsley, and a pinch of allspice. Add a heaping teaspoonful of butter and flour cooked together. Take from the fire, add the yolks of four eggs well beaten and a little minced parsley. Arrange a mound of seasoned mashed potatoes in a deep platter. Take the skin from the steaks and arrange them around it. Pour the sauce over, sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Baked Salmon - II

Wash and wipe a small fish. Rub with pepper and salt and sprinkle with paprika and powdered mace. Bake carefully, basting with melted butter and its own dripping. Take up the fish carefully and add to the gravy enough stock or water to make the required quantity of sauce. Thicken with butter and flour cooked together, season with tomato catsup and lemon-juice. Pour around the fish and serve.

Baked Salmon - III

Rub a small cleaned salmon with olive-oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, put into a buttered baking-pan, and add one cupful of boiling water and two tablespoonfuls of butter. Baste every ten minutes until done Take up the fish and keep it warm. Thicken the gravy with a teaspoonful or more of cornstarch mixed with a little cold water. Season with grated onion, lemon-juice, and tomato catsup.

Baked Salmon With Cream Sauce

Wrap a large middle cut of salmon in buttered paper and fasten firmly. Bake in a buttered baking-pan, basting with butter melted in hot water. Take from the oven at the end of an hour, remove the paper carefully, and keep warm. Bring to the boil one cupful of cream and add one tablespoonful of corn-starch rubbed smooth with a little cold cream. Add one tablespoonful each of butter and minced parsley, and pepper and salt to season. Pour the sauce over the fish or serve separately.

Salmon Baked In Paper

Season a large piece of salmon with salt, pepper, and lemon-juice, wrap in a large piece of buttered paper and pin firmly. Put into a buttered baking-pan, cover and bake for an hour, basting frequently with hot water and melted butter. Take off the paper and serve with any preferred sauce.

Baked Salmon Steaks

Put the steaks in a buttered baking-dish. Lay bits of butter upon them, seasoning with salt, pepper, minced parsley, and grated onion. Bake carefully, basting as required-and serve with Caper or Tomato Sauce.