Pish Hash

Cut salt pork into dice, fry crisp, and skim out the pork. Mix together equal parts of cold cooked flaked fish and cooked potatoes, cut small. Season to taste and cook slowly in the pork fat until brown. Arrange the dice around the platter as a garnish.

Jellied Fish Salad

Mix cold flaked fish, which has been cooked in court bouillon, with Mayonnaise. Add sufficient soaked and dissolved gelatine to make the mixture very hard. One package of gelatine will solidify one quart of the mixture. Pour into a mould wet in cold water and put on the ice to harden. Turn out and serve with a garnish of hard-boiled eggs and lettuce.

Kedjeree - I

Prepare a Cream Sauce, take from the fire, season to taste, and add two eggs well-beaten. Add cold cooked flaked fish and boiled rice in equal parts, seasoning the rice with salt, pepper, cayenne, mace, and melted butter. Reheat and serve.

Kedjeree - II

Moisten cold flaked fish with one egg beaten with two tablespoonfuls of milk and a tablespoonful of melted butter. Heat thoroughly in a double-boiler, season to taste, and serve with rice which has been cooked for ten minutes in stock.

Creole Kedjeree - I

Cook together for five minutes one cupful of cold cooked flaked fish, one cupful of cold boiled rice, one hard-boiled egg chopped fine, a tablespoonful of butter, and salt, red pepper, and curry powder to season. Serve on buttered toast.

Creole Kedjeree - II

Prepare according to directions given above, adding chopped onion and garlic, and a little lemon-juice to the seasoning.

Fish Loaf

Line a buttered baking-dish with mashed potato that has been well seasoned with pepper and salt, and made light with well-beaten eggs. Fill the centre with Creamed Fish, seasoned to taste, cover with more mashed potato, rub with butter, and bake until the top is nicely browned. Serve in the same dish.

Fish With Lemon Sauce

Put to boil in a wide porcelain-lined kettle sufficient water to cook the fish. Add one-half cupful of vinegar, and one-half cupful of wine. Add a heaping tablespoonful of butter, and when melted, put in the slices of fish, which have already been seasoned. Boil until the fish is tender. In the meantime, beat the yolks of four eggs until light with half a cupful of sugar, and the juice of two lemons. Remove one cupful of fish stock from the kettle with the fish. Let boil until thoroughly mixed, shaking the pan to prevent curdling Put on a serving-dish, and garnish with slices of lemon and parsley.

Baked Fish With Lemon Sauce

Bake the fish in a pan with water and butter, taking care to add water when all in the pan has been absorbed. When the fish is done, drain off all the gravy which is in the pan, and put on the stove to boil with one cupful of white wine. Beat the yolks of four eggs with one-half cupful of sugar, stir a little wine in, add the juice of two lemons, put back on the stove to thicken, and just before serving, pour the sauce over the fish. Half the quantity of sauce can be used for a small family.