Mould Of Fish

Line a buttered mould with seasoned mashed potato and fill the centre with alternate layers of Creamed Fish and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Cover with the potato and steam or bake. Turn out and serve with any preferred sauce.

Fish Patties - I

Mix cold cooked flaked fish with Cream Sauce and put into buttered patty-shells with alternate layers of crumbs. Sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Fish Patties - II

Reheat cold cooked flaked fish in Bechamel Sauce, adding a few cooked mushrooms. Fill patty-shells and brown in the oven.

Fish And Oyster Pie

Butter a baking-dish and put in a layer of cold cooked fish, seasoning with pepper and salt. Sprinkle with bread-crumbs, add a layer of oysters, and season with nutmeg and minced parsley. Repeat until the dish is full. Cover with crumbs and dot with butter, or with a rich biscuit dough, and bake. If the biscuit crust is used, rub with butter, and bake until brown.

Fish Pie

Soak one cupful of stale bread-crumbs in milk, add two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, salt, pepper, minced parsley, and thyme to season, and beat until smooth. Skin and bone two medium-sized fish, using bass, cod, flounder, or mackerel. Scrape and pound half of the flesh and add it to the bread paste. Cut the rest of the fish into slices, season it, and arrange in layers in a deep baking-dish, spreading each layer with the paste and seasoning. Cover with thin slices of bacon and pour over one cupful of stock. Cover the pre with pastry, leaving a hole in the middle for the steam to escape. Cover with buttered paper and bake for three hours in a slow oven. Take off the paper, brown the crust, and pour into the hole half a cupful of stock to which a tablespoonful of Sherry or white wine has been added. Serve cold.

Normandy Fish Pie

Fill a baking-dish with any kind of fish, freed from skin, fat, and bone, and cut into small pieces. Season with minced parsley, grated nutmeg, salt, cayenne, black pepper, and mushroom catsup. Moisten with white wine and brandy in equal parts, cover, bake, and serve very hot.

Fish Piquant

Boil the fish whole in water seasoned well with onion, celery, salt, red pepper, and a tiny bit of garlic. When tender, drain, and put on a platter. Mix a lump of butter the size of an egg with three tablespoonfuls of flour, then add the juice of one or two lemons (according to size). Stir into this three cupfuls of the water in which the fish was boiled, put back on the stove, and stir until thickened. Remove from the fire, pour over the well-beaten yolks of two eggs, add some cut up pickles and olives, pour over the fish, and garnish with parsley or celery tops.

Pickled Fish - I

Cut any kind of fish into pieces, dredge with flour, and fry. Cover with hot vinegar, adding a sprig of mint, and a pod of pepper. Let cool in the liquid, drain, and serve very cold.