Bearnaise Sauce - I

Bring to the boil two tablespoonfuls each of vinegar and water. Simmer in it for ten minutes a slice of onion. Take out the onion and add the yolks of three eggs beaten very light. Take from the fire, add salt and pepper to season, and four tablespoonfuls of butter beaten to a cream. The butter should be added in small bits.

Bearnaise Sauce - II

Beat the yolks of five eggs, add a pinch of salt and one tablespoonful of butter. Heat in a double-boiler until it begins to thicken, then take from the fire and add two more tablespoonfuls of butter. Season with minced fine herbs and parsley and add a teaspoonful of tarragon vinegar.

Bearnaise Sauce - III

Beat the yolks of two eggs very light and put into a double-boiler. Add gradually three tablespoonfuls of olive-oil, then the same quantity of boiling water, then one tablespoonful of lemon-juice. Season with salt and cayenne and serve immediately.

Quick Bearnaise Sauce

Beat the yolks of four eggs with four tablespoonfuls of oil and four of water. Add a cupful of boiling water and cook slowly until thick and smooth. Take from the fire, and add minced onion, capers, olives, pickles, and parsley and a little tarragon vinegar.

Bechamel Sauce

Cook together two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour, add two cupfuls of white stock and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Season with salt, pepper, and grated nutmeg.

Bombay Sauce

Season Drawn-Butter Sauce highly with chopped pickle, curry powder, and tarragon vinegar.

Bordelaise Sauce

Fry in butter a tablespoonful of chopped shallots and two minced beans of garlic. Add 2 half a cupful of Claret, a pinch of red pepper, and a pint of Espagnole Sauce. Boil until thick, take from the fire and add lemon-juice and minced parsley to season. Add also a quarter of a pound of beef marrow cut in small pieces and parboiled in salted water. Serve at once.

White Bordelaise Sauce

Fry a tablespoonful of chopped onions in butter, add a wineglassful of white wine and a cupful of Veloute Sauce. Season to taste, boil for five minutes, take from the fire, add one tablespoonful each of minced parsley, lemon-juice, and butter.

Brown Sauce - I

Brown two tablespoonfuls of flour in butter. Add two cupfuls of milk or cream and cook until thick, stirring constantly.

Brown Sauce - II

Fry in pork fat two slices of onion, a slice of carrot, a bay-leaf, and a sprig of parsley. Add a heaping teaspoonful of flour and, when brown, a cupful of stock. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Take from the fire, strain, add the juice of half a lemon, and salt and pepper to season.

Brown Butter Sauce

Melt butter in a frying-pan and cook until brown, taking care not to burn. Take from the fire and add lemon-juice or vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.

Butter Sauce

Mix chopped hard-boiled eggs with a liberal amount of melted butter. Season with salt, pepper, and minced parsley.