Boiled Mackerel A La Bolonaise

Clean four fresh mackerel, remove the heads and tails and cut in halves crosswise. Put into a saucepan with sliced onions, a bunch of parsley, salt and pepper, a little white wine and enough boiling water to cover. Cover with buttered paper and simmer for fifteen minutes. Take out the fish, strain the broth, and thicken a pint of it with two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour cooked together. Add two tablespoonfuls of butter, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, and a little tarragon vinegar. Pour over the fish and serve.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - I

Soak the fish in cold water over night and in the morning rinse thoroughly. Wrap in a cloth and put to boil in cold water. Bring slowly to the boiling point and cook for thirty minutes. Unwrap carefully, take out the backbones, and pour over a little melted butter and cream, seasoning with pepper. Or, serve with a sauce made of a cupful of milk thickened with a teaspoonful of cornstarch, and season with butter, pepper, salt, and minced parsley. Take from the fire, add one egg well beaten, and pour over the fish. Garnish with lemon and parsley.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - II

Soak over night in cold water and in the morning rinse thoroughly. Boil, drain, and pour over a cupful of hot cream in which a tablespoonful of butter has been melted.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - III

Wash thoroughly, cover with cold water to which a chopped onion and a little black pepper have been added, and boil until the flesh loosens from the bone. Drain, and serve with melted butter and minced parsley.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - IV

Soak the fish over night in cold water, and in the morning cover with hot water for half an hour. Drain and boil in acidulated water or in milk until done. Serve with a Cream Sauce to which chopped hard-boiled eggs have been added, or with Tomato Sauce.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - V

Soak the fish over night in cold water, drain, and simmer for fifteen minutes in water to cover, adding a teaspoonful of vinegar, a bay-leaf, a slice of onion, and a sprig of parsley. When tender, place on a hot platter and pour over it a Cream Sauce.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - VI

Prepare the fish according to directions given in the preceding recipe, and simmer for twenty minutes in acidulated water. Drain and pour over it a Cream Sauce.

Boiled Salt Mackerel - VII

Prepare according to directions given in the preceding recipe. Pour over a sauce made of stewed and strained tomatoes, thickened with butter and browned flour, and seasoned with pepper, salt, sugar, and grated onion.

Baked Mackerel - I

Clean the mackerel, split down the back and cut each fish in four pieces. Put in a baking-dish in layers, seasoning each layer with bay-leaves, cloves, pepper-corns, and sliced onions or shallots. Cover with one cupful of stock, three tablespoonfuls each of white wine and vinegar, one tablespoonful each of anchovy sauce and mushroom catsup, and a teaspoonful of Worcestershire. Bake in a moderate oven. Take out the fish carefully, strain the sauce over them and let cool.