Mackerel A La Tyrol

Wash and dry two fresh fish, and put into a saucepan with salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, chopped parsley and onion, and two tablespoonfuls of cider. Cover and cook for half an hour, then add one cupful of white stock thickened with flour and butter, the yolk of an egg, and a tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar. Strain the sauce over the fish, cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven. Serve in the same dish.

Fillets Of Mackerel A La Horly

Clean and fillet the fish, remove the skin and bones and soak for an hour in oil and lemon -juice, seasoned with chopped onion, parsley, salt, pepper, and sweet herbs. Drain, dredge with flour, dip in beaten eggs, roll in crumbs, fry in deep fat, and serve with Tomato Sauce.

Fillets Of Mackerel A L' Indienne

Fillet two large fresh mackerel, cut in two and remove the skin. Simmer for fifteen minutes with two tablespoonfuls each of melted butter and curry powder mixed with two wine-glassfuls of white wine. Season with salt and pepper. Prepare a Cream Sauce and add to it two tablespoonfuls of butter and the juice of a lemon. Pour over the fish and serve with a border of plain boiled rice.

Mackerel A La Bretonne

Wash and split a large mackerel, wipe dry, dredge with flour, and fry brown in butter. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and lemon-juice.

Salt Mackerel A La Bretonne

Soak the fish for twelve hours and prepare according to directions given above. Serve with melted butter.

Scotch Mackerel Pie

Make a forcemeat of the roe and some parsley, onion, butter, bread crumbs, thyme, sweet marjoram, and the yolk of an egg. Cut the fish into strips, spread with the filling, and roll. Arrange in a deep dish, pour in half a cupful of stock, and cover with a layer of mashed potatoes. Bake for three quarters of an hour and serve.

Toasted Salt Mackerel

Soak over night in cold water, and hang up for a day or two until perfectly dry. Put in a dry tin and set into the oven for ten minutes.

Mackerel En Papillotes

Oil a sheet of paper a little larger than the fish. Lay a slice of cooked ham on each piece of paper, and spread with chopped onion, carrot, parsley, and green pepper fried together in butter. Lay a mackerel on the ham, spread with the fried vegetables, cover with another slice of ham, and fold the paper over, twisting the ends. Bake for fifteen minutes in a moderate oven. Serve in the paper.

Potted Mackerel

Pound together an ounce of black pepper and six blades of mace. Mix with two ounces of salt and half an ounce of grated nutmeg. Rub thoroughly into pieces of fresh mackerel, and fry in oil. Drain, and put the fish in a stone jar. Fill with vinegar, and put two tablespoonfuls of oil on top. Cover closely and let stand for two days before using.

Fillets Of Mackerel With Ravi-Gote Sauce

Cook the fillets of four fish in a buttered dish with salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, and half a cupful of white wine. For the sauce chop fine four shallots and put into a saucepan with two tablespoonfuls of butter and four tablespoonfuls of tarragon vinegar. Reduce half by boiling and add a pint of white stock thickened with a tablespoonful each of butter and flour cooked together. Add two tablespoonfuls of butter, pour over the fish, and serve.