Mackerel With White Wine Sauce

Cook three fresh mackerel in a cupful of white wine, with butter, salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, minced onion, and parsley to season.

Take out the fish, and add two cupfuls of white stock to the gravy. Thicken with two tablespoonfuls each of butter and flour cooked together, take from the fire, and add the yolks of three eggs well beaten. Pour the sauce over the fish, sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, and bake brown. Sprinkle with lemon-juice and serve in a baking-dish.

Spanish Mackerel Salad

Drain the oil from a can of pickled Spanish mackerel, and cut the fish in slices. Boil a bunch of red beets for half an hour in water to cover, then drain and bake for half an hour in a hot oven. Peel, slice thin, and cool thoroughly. Mix with the mackerel, add a small bunch of radishes sliced thin, and half a dozen sliced pickles. Surround with lettuce leaves and pour over a French dressing.

Stuffed Mackerel With Anchovy Sauce

Stuff the prepared fish with seasoned crumbs mixed with chopped shallots, parsley, and mushrooms. Sew up and bake, basting with oil. Serve with Cream Sauce, seasoned with anchovy essence.

German Pickled Mackerel

Skin, bone, and cut into pieces four pounds of fresh mackerel, and put it in layers into a stone jar, sprinkling each layer with pepper, salt, bay-leaves, and sweet herbs. Cover with vinegar, seal firmly, and bake for six hours in a moderate oven.