Baked Codfish - I

Rub the inside of a small fresh cod with butter and lemon-juice and put on a buttered drainer in a fish-kettle. Rub with butter, sprinkle with chopped mushrooms, shallots, and parsley, lemon-juice, and minced garlic. Pour over the fish three cupfuls of white wine, bring to the boil, and simmer for an hour and a half. Baste as required. Thicken the liquor with butter and flour and serve with the sauce.

Baked Codfish - II

Stuff the fish with seasoned crumbs and season with pepper and salt. Pour over two cupfuls of Sherry and a tablespoonful of mushroom catsup. Add two cupfuls of stock, cover with buttered paper, and bake, basting often. When nearly done, sprinkle with bread-crumbs and dot with butter, and bake until brown. Take up the fish carefully, add a teaspoonful of beef extract and a little anchovy paste to the liquor in the baking-pan, strain, add two tablespoonfuls of butter and the juice of half a lemon, bring to the boil, pour over the fish, and serve.

Baked Codfish - III

Prepare according to directions given for Baked Codfish - I, adding a pint of parboiled oysters to the sauce.

Baked Salt Codfish

Prepare the fish according to directions given in the recipe for Boiled Salted Cod. Mix with an equal quantity of mashed potatoes, season, add two tablespoonfuls of melted butter and enough hot milk to make very soft. Put into a buttered baking-dish, rub with butter, and bake until brown. Serve with Cream or Drawn-Butter Sauce.

Creamed And Baked Codfish

Put into a stoneware platter creamed codfish prepared according to directions elsewhere given, and surround with a border of mashed potatoes beaten light with an egg. Cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven.

Baked Codfish A La Montreal

Butter a baking-dish and put in the centre a large piece of prepared codfish. Surround with boiled potatoes, rub all thoroughly with butter, season with pepper and salt, and bake in the oven, basting frequently. Serve in the same dish, sprinkling with minced parsley.

Baked Codfish A La Nantucket

Prepare a stuffing of one cupful of cracker crumbs, one cupful of oysters, one quarter of a cupful of melted butter, and salt, pepper, minced parsley, and lemon-juice to season. Clean a four-pound cod, sprinkle with salt and pepper, brush over with lemon-juice, stuff, and sew. Rub with butter, sprinkle with crumbs, and add sufficient boiling water to keep from burning. Bake until done, basting as required.

Baked Codfish With Cheese Sauce

Rub the fish with butter and lemon-juice, put it on the grating in the baking-pan, season with salt and pepper, and bake, pouring a cupful of white stock under the grating. Take up the fish, cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and brown in the oven. Strain the liquid, thicken with butter rolled in flour, and season with lemon-juice, grated onion, and four tablespoonfuls of grated. Parmesan cheese. Bring to the boil and serve poured around the fish.