Boiled Herring

Clean the fish thoroughly, and rub with salt and vinegar. Skewer their tails in their mouths and boil for ten or twelve minutes. Drain and serve with melted butter and parsley.

Herring Relish

Soak six Holland herrings over night. Remove the backbones, cut up into inch pieces, and add three onions sliced thin. Cover with vinegar and serve the next day.

Herring Salad

Soak four salt herrings in water over night.

Drain and chop fine. Mix with four boiled beets, three heads of celery boiled, four peeled sour apples, two onions, three pickles, and two pounds of lean roast veal. Chop very-fine, season with salt and pepper, and pour over enough oil to moisten, and enough vinegar to suit the taste. Serve very cold with a garnish of hard-boiled eggs.

Herring Salad A La Brenoise

Peel and cut into dice a quart of cold boiled potatoes, four peeled and cored sour apples, the fillets of four salt herrings, a cucumber pickle and two boiled beets. Add salt, pepper, chopped onion, vinegar, mustard and Mayonnaise dressing. Sprinkle with minced parsley before serving.

Swedish Herring Salad

Soak two salted Holland herrings for twenty-four hours. Remove the bones and cut into dice. Add an equal amount of cooked meat cut into dice and half the quantity each of boiled potatoes, sour apples, and beets chopped fine. Chop one tablespoonful of capers and four hard-boiled eggs. Add to the salad with three tablespoonfuls of cream, two of olive-oil, two of vinegar, and pepper, sugar, and mustard to taste. Press in a mould, and serve on platter with a garnish of parsley. Serve with the same kind of dressing that was mixed with the salad.

Smoked Herring Salad

Put the crisp leaves of a head of lettuce into a salad bowl. Skin and remove the bone from two smoked herrings, chop fine and mix with the lettuce. Pour over a French dressing to which a chopped hard-boiled egg has been added.

Pickled Herring

Soak in milk and water over night. Next day put the herring into a stone jar with alternate layers of sliced onion, a few slices of lemon, a few cloves, bay-leaves, and whole peppers, and enough mustard seed to season. Rub the roe through a sieve, add a tablespoonful of brown sugar and add it to the herring. Pour over enough vinegar to cover the fish and let stand three or four days before using.

Herring Balls

Parboil three red herrings, skin, and remove the bones. Add an equal quantity of baked potatoes, skinned and mashed. Make to a paste with cream and melted butter, season to taste, and shape into balls. Dip in egg and crumbs and fry in deep fat.

Baked Smoked Herring

Wash thoroughly, wipe dry, wrap in clean wet manilla paper, and put into a quick oven for fifteen minutes. Served with sliced lemon.

Baked Fresh Herring

Clean a dozen fresh herrings, removing the head and tail. Butter a deep earthen dish, put in a layer of fish, two slices of lemon, and three or four slices of onion. Season with pepper and salt and repeat until the dish is full, cover with vinegar, tie a sheet of buttered brown paper over the dish, and bake in a slow oven for six hours. The bones will be dissolved.

Marinade Of Herring

Soak white salted herrings for two hours in milk to cover. Split, remove the bones, and cut each half into three pieces. Pack in layers in a deep jar, seasoning between the layers with minced shallot, pounded clove and white pepper. Add here and there a bit of bay-leaf and a slice of fresh lemon with half the rind taken off. Use the roe with the herring. Season the top layer, cover with vinegar, add three tablespoonfuls of olive-oil, and let stand for two days before using.

Escalloped Herring

Soak four or five Norway herrings over night. Divide the fish down the back, remove the skin and bones, and cut into eight squares. Arrange in a baking-pan with alternate layers of cold boiled potatoes, seasoning each layer with butter and red pepper. Have potatoes on top. Pour over three eggs beaten with three cupfuls of milk. Cover with crumbs, dot with butter, and bake for forty minutes.

Grilled Smoked Herring

Soak over night and in the morning cover with hot water and let stand for half an hour. Put into cold water for ten minutes, then wipe dry and broil. Serve with hot corn bread.

Grilled Fresh Herring

Dip in seasoned melted butter, then in crumbs, and broil carefully, basting with melted butter if required. Serve with Maitre d'Hotel Sauce.