Whitefish A La Point Shirley

Clean, split, and bone the fish, and put into a buttered baking-pan, skin-side down. Season with salt, red pepper, and lemon-juice, add enough boiling water to keep from burning, and bake. Serve with Maitre d'Hotel Sauce.

Planked Whitefish - I

Butter a fish-plank and tack a large cleaned and split whitefish on it, skin side down. Rub with butter, season with salt and pepper, and cook in the oven or under a gas flame. Put a border of mashed potato mixed with the beaten white of egg around the fish, using a pastry tube and forcing bag. Put into the oven for a few minutes to brown the potato, and serve with a garnish of lemon and parsley.

Planked Whitefish - II

Clean and split a large whitefish, remove the bone, and tack on a buttered fish-plank, skin-side down. Season with salt, pepper, butter, and lemon-juice, and bake in the oven.

Creamed Whitefish A La Madison

Steam a large whitefish until tender, take out the bones, and flake fine. Cook together one tablespoonful of butter and two of flour, add two cupfuls of milk, and cook until thick, stirring constantly. Season with parsley, thyme, grated onion, salt, and pepper, take from the fire, add two eggs well-beaten, and three tablespoonfuls of butter. Put in a buttered baking-dish a layer of fish, then a layer of sauce, and repeat until the dish is full, having crumbs and butter on top. Brown in the oven.

Jellied Whitefish

Boil two pounds of whitefish in salted and acidulated water, with four bay-leaves, a tablespoonful of pepper-corns, and half a dozen cloves. Take out the fish, strain the liquid, and reduce by rapid boiling to a quantity barely sufficient to cover the fish. Add the juice of a lemon and two ounces of dissolved gelatine. Flake the fish with a fork, removing all skin, fat, and bone, mix with the liquid, pour into a fish mould, wet with cold water, and put on ice until firm. Serve with Mayonnaise or Tartar Sauce.

Whitefish Croquettes

One cupful of cold boiled fish flaked fine.

Add to it half a cupful of mashed potatoes, half a cupful of bread-crumbs, half a cupful of cream, the beaten yolks of two eggs, and salt and pepper to season. Shape into croquettes, dip into the beaten white of eggs, then into crumbs, and fry in deep fat. Garnish with parsley and serve with any preferred sauce.

Whitefish With Fine Herbs

Put a large whitefish in a buttered baking-pan with salt, pepper, grated nutmeg, minced parsley, chopped onions, and mushrooms to season. Moisten with white wine and white stock, and bake, basting frequently. Cover with Veloute Sauce, sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter, bake brown, squeeze lemon-juice over, and serve.