Black Bean Soup

1 cup black kidney beans. 3 pints cold water. 1 quart stock. Salt and pepper.

1/2 teaspoonful cloves, ground. 1 hard-boiled 1 lemon.

Soak the beans over night; then put them in the water, and boil slowly until perfectly tender. Strain through a colander. Add stock and seasoning ; return to the kettle, and simmer a few minutes. Rub the yolk of the egg to a paste, with a little of the hot liquor, and add it to the soup, with the white of the egg cut into dice. Have ready the lemon, sliced very thin, in the bottom of the tureen. Pour the hot soup over it and serve.

If you wish the soup very nice, add two or three tablespoonfuls of sherry wine.

The red kidney beans make a good soup in the same way.

Bean Soup. (Navy Beans.)

Soak one quart navy beans over night. In the morning boil them in two quarts cold water. When tender rub them through a sieve, mashing to a soft pulp. Put them in the soup-pot, with the water in which they were boiled. Add water in which roast beef bones have been boiled, and season with pepper, salt, sweet marjoram, thyme and four or five cloves. Boil fifteen minutes or longer, and serve.

If too thick, add water.

Another way is, to boil with the beans a quarter of a pound of salt pork, also one carrot and three onions sliced. Pulp all together through a colander. Season, add a few cloves; heat again and serve, without the addition of stock. Good bean soup can be made of cold "Baked Beans." Use what is left for " Bean and Tomato Soup."

Bean And Tomato Soup

Add stewed tomatoes (previously passed through a colander) to "Bean Soup" or "Baked Beans"; the latter are best. If you use "Baked Beans," boil them in a little water, and pulp them also through a colander; season, and add as much boiling water as is necessary.