Snow Balls (A Simple Dessert)

Boil rice in salted boiling water till very tender. Wet small cups, and while the rice is still hot, pack it in the cups till half filled. Set in a cold place for about three hours. Just before dinner, scoop out the centre of each (saving the rice for muffins) and fill with bright-colored jelly, or a piece of any kind of preserves.

Turn out the moulds on a platter, and pour soft custard around the base, taking care to let none of the custard fall on the tops of the Snow Balls.

Or, serve simply with cream and sugar.

An easy Sunday dessert for hot weather.

Tapioca Or Sago Blanc Mange

1/2 cupful tapioca or sago. 1 pint cold water.

1/2 cupful sugar.

1 lemon (juice only).

Soak the tapioca in the water for two hours. Then put in a double-boiler, and boil slowly till soft. Add thd sugar and lemon-juice, and boil till transparent. Pour into wet moulds, and eat with cream and sugar when stiff enough to turn out.

To vary this omit the lemon, and mix in apple sauce, preserved or canned fruit left from tea (cut fine), using also the juice.

Substitute milk for water, and omit the lemon if you choose.

Rouge Mange

(A Danish Receipt.)

Boil cranberries, cherries or red currants in enough water to cover them. Crush them with a wooden spoon while boiling. When soft, squeeze through a bag. To two quarts of juice put half of a pound of sugar. Put this on the stove. When it begins to boil throw in a scant quarter of a pound of sago, soaked for one hour in just enough water to cover it.

Boil till the sago is transparent, stirring often. Do not let it scorch. Pour into wet moulds. When stiff, turn out and serve with cream and sugar.

Simple Cornstarch Blanc Mange

1 quart milk.

4 tablespoonfuls sugar.

A pinch of salt.

5 even tablespoonfuls cornstarch. 1 teaspoonful flavoring.

Put the milk in a double-boiler with the sugar and salt, and set it on the stove, reserving one cupful. Rub the cornstarch to a paste with this, and add to the hot milk when boiling fast. Stir well, and let it boil about five minutes, till thick. Take from the fire. Flavor, and pour into wet moulds.

Rich Cornstarch Blanc Mange

1 quart milk. 1/2 saltspoonful salt. 1 cupful sugar.

4 tablespoonfuls cornstarch. 3 eggs (yolks only). 1 teaspoonful vanilla.

Make like " Simple Cornstarch Blanc Mange." Pour a little over the beaten yolks of the eggs, stirring fast. Return to the kettle, and boil a moment, stirring constantly. Remove, flavor, and pour into wet moulds.

Chocolate Cornstarch Blanc Mange

(No eggs.) 1 cupful milk. 1 heaping tablespoonful sugar.

1 heaping tablespoonful cornstarch.

1 heaping tablespoonful grated chocolate.

Allow this quantity to every two persons, and increase it according to the size of your family.

Make like "Simple Cornstarch Blanc Mange," but mix the chocolate (wet to a paste with a few spoonfuls of hot milk) with the cornstarch before adding it.