"Walnut Catsup

Gather walnuts while tender enough to run a needle through them. Pound in a marble mortar. Put them in a preserving-kettle. Cover them with water and let them simmer for two hours. Strain out the liquor, and to every pint add one teaspoonful each, garlic, mace and cloves. Boil it down to less than half the quantity. Fill bottles half-full, and fill up with strong vinegar. Cork tight. It is ready for use at once.

Cucumber Catsup (Without Cooking)

1 dozen large, ripe cucumbers.

3 onions, minced.

3 red peppers, minced.

1 tablespoonful salt. 1 quart best vinegar.

Pare the cucumbers, and grate them, taking out all the seeds. Put this pulp into a bag of thin muslin, or cheesecloth, and hang it up to drain over night. In the morning throw away the liquid which has dripped out. To what is left in the bag add the ingredients given above. Stir well after putting in the vinegar, and bottle and cork tightly.

This will keep well all winter, and is an extremely good relish for fish.

Tomato Catsup (No. 1)

Take small, red, ripe tomatoes; wash, but do not skin them. Boil in a porcelain kettle for one hour from the time they begin to boil. Then rub them through a hair sieve. To each quart of juice add 1 tablespoonful cinnamon.

1/2 table spoonful black pepper.

1/4 tablespoonful cayenne pepper.

1/2 a nutmeg, grated.

1 tablespoonful good mustard.

1/2 cupful salt.

Taste it after stirring well together, and add more salt, if necessary. Boil all together for three hours. Then measure again, and to each quart of juice add one pint of good cider vinegar.

Boil half an hour longer. Bottle hot, and seal hot.

This will keep for years, and will not require to be shaken before using.

No. 2.

1 gallon tomatoes.

1 pint vinegar.

9 tablespoonfuls salt.

3 tablespoonfuls black pepper.

3 tablespoonfuls mustard seed. 1 teaspoonful cayenne. 1/2 teaspoonful cloves. 1/2 teaspoonful allspice.

Peel, boil and strain the tomatoes; then add the other ingredients, and boil until reduced one half. Bottle and seal while hot.

Cold Catsup (No Cooking)

1/2 peck ripe tomatoes. Salt.

2 roots horse-radish (grated).

1/2 cupful salt.

1/2 cupful white mustard seed.

1/2 cupful black mustard seed.

1 cupful fine chopped onion.

1 cupful sugar.

1 tablespoonful black pepper.

2 red peppers cut fine (without seed).

6 heads celery chopped fine.

1 teaspoonful ground cloves.

2 teaspoonfuls ground cinna mon. 1 1/2 pints vinegar.

Slice the tomatoes fine. Sprinkle salt lightly over them and let them stand two hours. Measure out the other ingredients and mix them together. Then drain the tomatoes well, put them in the mixture, and stir all thoroughly together. Seal in jars.

English Chertney

4 pounds tomatoes. 3 pounds raisins. 6 large onions (grated). 2 pounds brown sugar.

1 pound salt.

1 ounce cayenne pepper.

1 quart vinegar.

"Bake" the tomatoes. "Stone" and chop the raisins. Mix all together, mashing the tomatoes fine. Stir occasionally for a day or two, then bottle. No more cooking is necessary.

Chili Sauce. (A Nice Relish For Cold Meat.)

1 bushel ripe tomatoes, peeled.

2 dozen onions.

16 large red peppers. 2 1/2 quarts vinegar.

1 pint salt.

18 tablespoonfuls brown sugar.

Chop the tomatoes, onions and peppers. Boil all together for a long time. Seal while hot.

Spiced Currants

(To eat with Meats.)

5 pounds ripe currants,

stemmed. 4 pounds sugar.

1 pint vinegar.

2 tablespoonfuls cloves.

2 tablespoonfuls cinnamon.

Boil all together half an hour. Put into jars and seal when cold.

This will keep for years.