Charlotte Russe

1/2 oz. Cox's gelatine.

1/2 cupful hot milk.

1 pint cream.

2/3 cupful sugar (pulverized).

2 eggs (whites only). 4 tablespoonfuls wine (or a little vanilla).

Soak and dissolve the gelatine in the milk. Sweeten the cream. Beat it a little. Then add to it the whites of the eggs (previously beaten stiff) and the wine. Beat all together with a Dover egg-beater. Add the gelatine and beat all till it thickens well.

Have ready a square mould, lined with thin slices of sponge cake, with the crust cut off, or with lady-fingers. Fill at once with the mixture. Lay a few slices of the cake over the top, and set it away to stiffen. When firm, turn it out on a pretty dish.

Fills a large mould.

Simple Charlotte Russe

1 pint rich cream.

1 wineglassful wine (or half a teaspoonful vanilla). 1/2 pound pulverized sugar. 2 eggs (whites only).

Flavor and sweeten the cream. Then whip it. Beat the eggs light, add the cream and beat all together thoroughly. Proceed as with the last receipt for "Charlotte Russe." It is best made the day before it is to be eaten.

Christmas Charlotte Russe

1 tablespoonful Cox's gela-tine. 1 tablespoonful cold water. 1 cupful milk.

3 eggs (yolks and whites separate).

1/2 cupful sugar.

3/4 teaspoonful vanilla (or a little wine). 1 pint rich cream. Sponge cake.

Soak the gelatine in the water fifteen minutes. Heat the milk in a double-boiler. When it begins to boil, add the gelatine, and stir till dissolved. Beat the yolks of the eggs with the sugar. Pour the boiling milk on them, and return to the fire. Boil a minute (stirring all the time), till it thickens well. Take it off. When partly cool add the vanilla.

Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth. Pour the cream on them, and whip them together as light as possible. As soon as the custard is perfectly cold add it to thd whipped cream. Mix well. Proceed to fill moulds as in the two previous receipts.

Charlotte Russe Pudding

l 1/2 pints milk.

1/2 teaspoonful cornstarch.

1/2 cupful white sugar.

4 eggs (beaten separately). 3/4 teaspoonful flavoring. Sponge cake.

Make like "Cornstarch Custard," reserving the whites of the eggs. Have ready in a deep dish some slices of sponge cake. Pour the hot custard on them. When cool, cover with a "Meringue " and brown delicately.

Serve cold.

Rhubarb Or Apple Charlotte

Cut the rhubarb into inch-long pieces; or, pare, core and slice the apples. Have ready a buttered puddingdish, lined with thin slices of bread and butter. Put in the fruit sprinkled with sugar, and alternate buttered bread and fruit till the dish is full. Cover with a layer of crumbs, with dots of butter. Cover and bake until done, then uncover and brown quickly. Serve hot with sugar, or "Hard Sauce."

Berry Or Peach Charlotte

Make like "Rhubarb or Apple Charlotte." Another Way is, to substitute for slices of bread, bread-crumbs moistened with milk. Lay bits of butter over each layer. Serve cold with cream. Stewed berries or fruit may be used, and if prepared over night, and left standing with a weight on top, no cooking is necessary.