Allow one dessert-spoonful of grated chocolate to each cup. Allow a half cupful each of milk and water to each person (or use milk alone). Put the milk and water on to boil in a double boiler. When boiling fast, dip out a very little on the chocolate, and rub till smooth. Then pour the chocolate into the hot milk. Boil for five minutes; and then for every four cupfuls, mix in one egg well beaten, and previously mixed with a little of the boiling chocolate. As soon as thoroughly mixed, pour into a pitcher, or the egg will curdle.

Be careful to boil the chocolate, and for fully five minutes ; and you will never complain of chocolate made in this way being muddy.

Sweeten in the cups, not while boiling.

The egg may be omitted, if it is preferred to have it not so rich, or the yolk or white alone may be used.

Chocolate with "Whipped Cream." Make chocolate as above, and lay a spoonful of "Whipped Cream" on the top of each cupful after it is poured out. If you want the chocolate very rich, mix the beaten white of one egg through each cupful.


Make like chocolate (without the egg), allowing one teaspoonful to each cup of milk and water.