1 quart new milk.

2tablespoonfuls sugar.

1 teaspoonful vanilla or a few drops rose extract. 1 tablespoonful prepared rennet.

Mix all together about one and one half hours before it is to be eaten, in the dish in which it is to be served. Set in a warm place, till just firm. Then keep on ice till wanted, and serve with sugar and cream.

In cool weather, it will be necessary to prepare it fully two hours before serving. It should not be allowed to stand long after it becomes firm, or the whey will separate.

A good Sunday dessert in hot weather, because it requires no cooking.

Serve with cream and sugar, or fruit syrup.

Whipped Cream Or Syllabub

Sweeten and flavor the cream. Then beat in a deep bowl with a Dover egg-beater. As the froth rises take it off, and put it on a sieve. What drains off can be collected and beaten or whipped again. Heap it in glasses and serve soon. Serve fancy crackers with it, or "Sponge Cake."

A tiny bit of soda stirred into the cream before whipping it, will prevent its turning to butter in hot weather.

Coffee Cream

1/2 oz. Cox's gelatine. 1/2 cupful cold water. 1/2 cupful strong, hot coffee.

1/2 cupful sugar.

l 1/2 cupful cream (milk will do).

Soak the gelatine; then pour over it the coffee (well cleared), and dissolve the sugar in it. When a little cool, stir in the cream. Strain, and pour into wet moulds. It will take twelve hours to stiffen. Makes one large mould.

Mont Blanc

1/2 box Cox's gelatine. 1 quart milk. 1 cupful sugar.

1 teaspoonful vanilla (or a few drops rose extract).

Soak the gelatine in half a cupful of the milk for fifteen minutes. Put the rest on the stove in a double boiler; and when scalding hot, dissolve the gelatine and the sugar in it. Remove from the fire, and when partly cool, stir in the flavoring. Pour into wet moulds. When firm turn out, and serve with cream.

Banana Blanc Mange (Or Other Fruit)

1/2 box Cox's gelatine. 1/2 cupful water. l 1/2 pints milk.

1/3 cupful sugar.

3 bananas (or other fruit).

Soak the gelatine in the water for half an hour. Boil the milk and sugar together. Then pour a little of the hot milk on the gelatine and dissolve it.

Pour into the hot milk and boil all together ten minutes. Remove, and when beginning to stiffen, stir in the bananas, previously broken with a fork. Put into wet moulds.

Serve with cream. Eat the day it is made:

Velvet Cream

1/2 box Cox's gelatine. 1/2 cupful cold water. 1/2 cupful boiling water.

1 pint cream. 2/3 cupful sugar. 1/4 cupful Sherry wine.

Soak and dissolve the gelatine. Add the cream with the sugar dissolved in it. Then put in the wine. Stir fast so that it will not lump. Strain and pour into wet moulds to stiffen. Fills two moulds.

Mille Fruit Cream

3/4 oz. gelatine.

1 cupful milk. 1 cupful cream. 1/2 cupful sugar. Preserved fruit. Syrup of the preserves.

Put the gelatine to soak in enough cold water to cover it. Leave it in a warm place. In the meantime butter slightly the inside of a mould, and select handsome pieces of preserved fruit of several kinds wherewith to garnish it. Use ginger, watermelon rind, cherries, plums, and anything else that is firm and of a rich color and prettyshape. Lay these around the edges of the mould.

Mix the milk, cream and sugar together, and whip to a froth. When light and thick, beat in the syrup of the different fruits (a little of each), and mix in gently more of the fruit such as you used in garnishing.

Then dissolve the gelatine, adding a very little boiling water to it if necessary. Strain it into the whipped cream, stirring all the time quickly, but lightly, with your whisk. Let it stand a few moments until it settles. Put it into the mould carefully, a little at a time, so as not to displace the fruit in the mould.

Put in a cold place for three or four hours, when it will be stiff enough to turn out.

N. B. Do not use more than one cupful of preserve juice in all.

A beautiful dish for a company supper table.