Soft Custard

1 pint milk.

2 1/2 tablespoonfuls sugar.

3 eggs (yolks only).

To make it, see Boiled Custard. A very delicate and simple dessert.

Boiled Custard

1 quart milk. 5 eggs (yolks only). 5 tablespoonfuls sugar.

Flavoring ("Zest" is best).

Put the milk into a double-boiler on the stove. Beat the eggs and sugar together, and when the milk boils pour it over them (if you add the eggs to the milk there is danger of curdling), stirring briskly as you do so. Return to the fire for a moment, to cook the eggs. Stir all the time. Remove, and when cool, mix in the flavoring. Pour into a custard-dish and grate a little nutmeg over the top, if you like.

If you make half the quantity, use three eggs (yolks only).

Maple sugar gives a delicate and agreeable flavor to custards. It is much used in the White Mountains.

Cornstarch Custard (Boiled)

1 quart milk. A pinch of salt. 2 tablespoonfuls cornstarch.

4 tablespoonfuls sugar. 3 eggs (yolks only). Flavoring.

Put the salt with the milk in a double-boiler on the stove, reserving a little of the milk in which to rub thd cornstarch. When the milk boils, add the latter, and let it boil a few minutes. Then pour it over the sugar and eggs (beaten together), stir fast and return to the fire. Boil a moment, stirring all the time. Take it off, and when cool mix in the flavoring or a little wine.

If you wish, use one egg less, and one spoonful more of cornstarch. Or use less cornstarch if you like it thin.

Apple Custard

If you have custard left from dinner, it will serve a second time by filling the bottom of the dish with apple sauce and pouring the custard over. A very nice dessert. Serve nice crackers with it.

Berries, sliced peaches, or pears are nice served thus.

Orange Custard

2 oranges. 5 eggs. 2 cupfuls sugar.

2 cupfuls milk.

To the rind of one orange, grated, add the juice of both. Beat the eggs and sugar together, and add them. Mix all with the milk. Pour into custard-cups, set in a pan of hot water, and bake half an hour, till firm.

Lemon Custard

2 lemons. 5 eggs.

1 large cupful sugar.

Put into a porcelain sauce-pan, or pitcher, the juice of the lemons and the rind of one grated. Add the yolks of the eggs, beaten with the sugar. Set the sauce-pan into a pan of boiling water, on the stove; stir constantly until it bubbles, to prevent curdling. Have ready the whites of the eggs, beaten stiff. Take the custard off the stove, and lightly beat them in. Pour into a glass dish or custard-cups. Serve cold.

Cup Custard

1 quart milk. 3 eggs.

4 tablespoonfuls sugar. 1 teaspoonful flavoring.

Scald the milk and pour it upon the eggs and sugar, previously beaten together, stirring to avoid curdling. Flavor, and pour while hot, into small cups. Set them in a dripping-pan, and fill that with hot water deep enough to reach two thirds up the cups. Set them in a moderate oven for about ten minutes; until firm. Take them out as soon as done, or they will curdle, and serve when cold.

Richer custards may be made by using six eggs, yolks only.

Grated nutmeg, lemon peel, chocolate or cocoanut, may be scattered over the top.

Baked Custard

4 eggs.

1/2 cupful of sugar. A pinch of salt.

1 teaspoonful flavoring. 1 quart of milk.

Beat the eggs and sugar together; add salt, flavoring and milk (cold). Pour into a buttered pudding-dish; set this into a pan of hot water, and put it in a very hot oven. It should not cook more than half an hour.

It is a good plan to keep it covered the first ten minutes ; as soon as firm, take it out before it curdles.

This may be baked in cups if preferred.

Caramel Custard

Make "Boiled Custard," and use both yolks and whites of the five eggs. Do not flavor it. Put five tablespoonfuls of light brown sugar into a pan, and set it on the stove to burn, stirring till it becomes a dark brown. "While the custard is boiling hot, pour it on the burnt sugar and stir it until it is dissolved. Have ready a pudding-dish, buttered and hot; pour in the custard; set it in a pan of hot water, and proceed as for "Baked Custard."