Wild Ducks (Roasted)

Clean at once and wash well. Lay an onion in each and parboil them for ten minutes. This will take away the strong, disagreeable flavor. Throw away the onion and stuff the ducks. Roast like chicken, adding a lump of butter to the water in the pan, the first time you baste them. Have the oven hot, and cook them for half an hour. Serve with "Giblet Gravy," and "Cranberry Sauce," or Currant Jelly.

Another Way is to omit the parboiling, and put them in a pan, with an onion and hot water; baste often for fifteen minutes. Then take out and proceed to roast in another pan.

Wild Duck (Stewed)

Parboil as in the last receipt. Throw away the onion, and cut up the duck. Then proceed as with "Stewed Duck."

Roast Ducks

See "To Prepare Poultry." If they are not young, parboil them. Roast like chickens, allowing one hour, if you like them well done; though if young they will cook in less time.

Serve with "Giblet Gravy" or "Bread Sauce" and "Apple Sauce," "Cranberry Sauce," Currant or Grape Jelly.

Stewed Duck

This is the only way to render an old duck fit to eat. Cut it up, having cleaned and washed it. Put in a pot with cold water enough to just cover it. Cover, and heat gradually. Then stew slowly for two hours, with a few slices of ham, and the giblets, also a minced onion, and a little minced parsley if you have it, and sage. When tender, lay the duck on a platter. Thicken the gravy with a little "Browned Flour," and add, if you like, the juice of half a lemon and one wineglassful of wine. Pour over the duck and serve. Line the platter with slices of toast if you choose.

Roast Goose

Parboil for half an hour to remove the oil. Then stuff, and roast like a chicken, and for the same length of time. Serve like "Roast Ducks."