Boiled Eggs

Have ready a kettle of boiling water. Wash, and put each egg into the water with a tablespoon so as not to crack the shell. Be sure that the water more than covers the eggs and is not boiling too violently. Boil for three minutes if you like them soft; twelve if hard.

Another way of boiling eggs soft is to put them in an egg-dish or deep covered bowl. Pour over them water which you are quite sure is boiling (not simply hot), to take the chill off. Drain off this, and cover a second time with boiling water. Cover tight; set on the breakfast table and leave in the water about ten minutes.

Boiled Eggs (French Style)

Wash the eggs, and put them in a sauce-pan full of boiling water. Set the sauce-pan at once on a part of the stove where the water will keep as hot as possible, without boiling. Leave the eggs in just ten minutes. This is the nicest way to boil them.

Eggs left from breakfast may afterwards be boiled hard and used for various things, such as Convent Eggs, Baked Eggs a la Creme, Escalloped Eggs and Meat, Pressed Veal, and Egg Sauce; or slice them for Spinach or Soup or to garnish a dish of fish.

Poached Or Dropped Eggs

Make sure your frying-pan is perfectly clean, as the least impurity will spoil the whiteness of the eggs. Pour into it boiling water. Break the eggs carefully into a plate, taking care that they do not run together, and that the yolks do not break. Take the frying-pan off the stove and carefully slip the eggs from the plate upon the surface of the water. Put the frying-pan back on the stove and boil gently for three minutes, dipping the water occasionally over the top of the eggs. Have ready slices of buttered toast, on a hot platter. Take out the with a perforated skimmer, and lay upon the toast. Sprinkle the yolks with pepper and salt.

If only one or two eggs are to be poached, it is a good plan to put muffin-rings in the water, and break the eggs each into a ring. This will keep them nicely in shape.

Poached Eggs With Sauce

4 tablespoon fills veal gravy. 4 tablespoon fills cold water. 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls good vinegar. A little pepper and salt.

4 eggs (yolks only). Some poached eggs.

Put the first four ingredients into a stew-pan on the fire. While it is heating beat yolks of the eggs and "Poach"

some eggs. When the mixture begins to boil, pour it upon the beaten yolks, stirring fast. Return it to the fire for a moment to thicken. Stir it every minute and do not leave it long enough to boil. Have ready the poached eggs in a platter. Pour the hot sauce over and garnish the dish with parsley.

A Cheaper Sauce For Poached Eggs

Put half a cup of boiling water in a sauce-pan, with two or three large spoonfuls of nice, strained gravy of any kind, a little pepper and one quarter teaspoonful of salt. When it boils stir in a heaping teaspoonful of flour, wet smoothly with a little cold water. Stir and boil one minute, then add a tablespoonful of butter. Stir steadily two minutes longer, till thick as cream, and add, if you like, a little minced parsley, or chopped pickle.