Casserole Of Fish

1 cupful cold fish. A little milk. A lump of butter.

1cupful mashed potato.

2hard-boiled eggs, sliced. Salt and pepper.

Flake the fish and moisten it with the milk and butter. Butter a small mould, and put in alternate layers of potato, fish and slices of egg, with sprinklings of salt and pepper. Steam twenty minutes; turn out in a hot platter and garnish with parsley.

Spiced Fish (For Luncheon Or Tea)

6 cloves.

6 allspice kernels.

6 pepper corns.

1 tablespoonful brown sugar.

1 cupful sharp vinegar. 1 pint cold flaked fish (any kind).

Steep the spices in the vinegar for ten minutes, and pour over the fish. Serve cold.

How To Pickle Fish

Any fish may be pickled in this way. Wash and cut the fish into pieces about six inches square. Boil them till very tender and bloodless. Take out the pieces carefully, so as not to break them. Lay them in a stone jar; and pour over them, while hot, the following pickle, which should be prepared while the fish is boiling.

2 quarts vinegar.

1 pint of the water in which thd fish is boiled. 1 onion (sliced fine).

1 dozen blades of mace.

2 teaspoonfuls made mustard. 1/2 dozen whole cloves.

A little pepper and salt.

There is no need to boil the vinegar. When ready the pickled fish should be kept tightly covered, and in a cold place.

Use it within a few days, as it will not keep long.

Nice for lunch or tea in summer.

Potted Fish

Any kind of large fish will do. Take out the backbone, and let it lie in cold water salted for two hours. Cut it in slices and put in a stone jar, sprinkling each layer with salt, red pepper, allspice and cloves, or cinnamon, also put in little bits of butter, and a dredging of flour. Pour over all enough vinegar to cover the fish. Tie a cloth close over the top of the jar, and cover with a plate as close as possible. Bake in a very steady oven, for six hours if thd quantity is large; or set it in a pot of cold water, and boil from three to five hours, according to quantity.

Leave it in the jar all night.

Turn out and cut in thin slices.

To every two pounds of fish, allow one tablespoonful of allspice and cloves or cinnamon mixed. More would be too much.

Stewed Fish

Cut any kind of fish into squares, and put them in a saucepan. Cover with cold water. Boil gently till tender. Then rub a large lump of butter with about half as much flour till smooth. Moisten with a little of the boiling water from the fish, and add it to the contents of the saucepan. Add pepper and salt, and a cupful of cream or milk. Let it boil up once, and serve hot.

N. B. If you have but a small amount of fish, or if you like, add sliced potatoes and onion or chopped celery when you put the fish on.

A nice dish for breakfast or tea.

Fish A L'Italienne

1 quart stewed tomatoes. 4 pounds fish, any kind. 2/3 cupful sweet oil.

2 onions (sliced thin). Salt and pepper.

The tomatoes must be stewed till tender. While they are cooking, cut the fish (previously washed) into square pieces. Have the oil in a deep kettle on the fire. When hot, put in the onions, and fry them. Then add the fish. Strain the tomatoes (mashing them well) through a colander. Pour them on the fish in the kettle. Add salt and pepper. Cover the kettle close, and stew for one hour, taking care that it does not burn. When done, the fish will be tender, and will look red.

This may well be described as "a Pretty Kettle of Fish!"